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I always urge my clients to have at least some of their images printed – on photo paper, on canvas, on metal, on wood, framed or not, or in book form or on other products like greeting cards and brag books. Why? Although I think technology is the greatest thing since sliced bread, it has some limitations, not the least of which is quick obsolescence.

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Remember 78 rpm or 45 rpm records and record players? How about music cassettes and cassette players? The infamous 8-track? VHS tapes and VCRs? Floppy Disks and disk drives? Now CDs and DVDs are going the way of the dodo bird too.

But, I’ll bet you still have some photo albums kicking around the house that contain treasured memories from times past – a new family member, a wedding, a party, your pets – important milestones in your life. I think they’re important too, and today’s photo products will be around for generations to come.

Digital Images Are Not Enough

One of the first questions people ask when inquiring about photography services is whether or not I offer digital images from the photoshoot session. Some people only want to buy the digital images and are not interested in anything else. But, by doing that, you are putting yourself at risk of losing your photos in a very few years. Most people never get around to printing their images or at best, print a very few.

With digital files you are responsible for transferring the images from one form of digital media to another as technology changes year after year. Every time a file is transferred, there’s a risk of corruption. If you get busy and forget to transfer your files to new media as it becomes available, you may wind up with a disk or flash drive, etc., of photos that you can’t see anymore because your current computer equipment no longer offers a disc, flash drive or other media reader.

This is why we believe that a professional memory book or smaller brag book is of the utmost importance. Even if you never do anything except store it in a closet, you’ll still have images to look at and enjoy years from now with no additional work whatsoever.

I believe this so strongly that beginning in 2016 I will include a Brag Book (at a minimum) in every package that I offer.

I will only offer professional, high quality Memory Books made with archival inks and papers that are created to last for generations with proper care. I want your cherished memories to be seen and enjoyed by you and your family for years, even generations, to come.

Don’t risk losing those cherished memories. Make a gorgeous memory book one of your priorities. I promise you will not regret it.

As much as possible I use local, regional or other Canadian photo labs and photo product providers, so all prices are quoted in Canadian dollars.

For a breakdown of basic prices, click Price List. Customized packages can be arranged depending upon your needs.

I also offer event photography for small, intimate gatherings – weddings, showers, christenings, milestone birthday parties and special events. Please click contact me to request a customized quote.