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’tis the Season for Sharing

It is the season for sharing – every television program and advertisement says so. And by their definition, sharing also means caring – or showing that, in fact, you do care one way or another.

There’s a story going around on Facebook right now and it says:

“My child, each year ask me the same question. After thinking about it, I decided I’d give you my real answer:

What do I want for Christmas? I want you.

I want you to keep coming around, I want you to ask me questions, ask my advice, tell me your problems, ask for my opinion, ask for my help.

I want you to come over and rant about your problems, rant about life, whatever. Tell me about your job, your worries.

I want you to continue sharing your life with me.

Come over and laugh with me, or laugh at me, I don’t care. Hearing you laugh is music to me.

I spent the better part of my life raising you the best way I knew how, and I’m not bragging, but I did a pretty darn good job.

Now, give me time to sit back and admire my work; I’m pretty proud of it.

Raid my refrigerator, help yourself, I really don’t mind. In fact, I wouldn’t want it any other way.
I want you to spend your money making a better life for you, I have the things I need.
I want to see you happy and healthy.
When you ask me what I want for Christmas, I say “nothing” because you’ve already been giving me my gift all year. I want you !!! I love you dearly xoxo

When your all-grown-up children and their families live far, far away, some of these things just aren’t possible. No small hands raid my cookie jar. No little people sit on the couch to watch Christmas movies on TV with me. That is life in the world as we know it. Sad, but reality.

The media builds the hype of the season – blissful families sharing tender moments of joy and peace together around a festive dinner table. While I wish that for one and all, the reality is often quite different. Whether it is due to distance, finances, loss of loved ones or just the inherent ‘busyness’ of life, many people are lonely at this most festive time of year. Despite access to amazing technology like Skype, FaceTime, or even a simple telephone call for keeping in touch, far too often time goes by with no connections made.

Since it is the season for sharing we all have choices to be made. Do we wallow in self pity and loneliness? Or get up and out and join the festivities?

We are, indeed, responsible for our own happiness. If we depend on others to make us happy we are doomed to disappointment. Instead, enjoy the myriad of wee things that happen every day, those little moments of joy that are too easy to overlook. Be kind to others. Surprisingly when you go out of your way to make someone else’s day joyful, your own improves too.

So, my wish for those who read my words is that you do, indeed, share and have a happy and joyful holiday season – whatever it is that you celebrate. Enjoy the little things that give you pleasure – bright coloured lights in shop and house windows, sweet treats on a pretty plate, a good meal – whether alone or with friends and family. Give hugs and receive them with pleasure. Pat the dog, stroke the cat, nuzzle the horse. Inhale the wonderful scents that make life sweet.

Merry Christmas to one and all and as the New Year rolls in, lift a glass and give the toast favoured by my Jewish friends, “l’chaim – to life!”.


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Making friends – making smiles

I met a new friend today by happenstance. One of my friends on Facebook shared a link to this artist’s blog and it totally resonated with me. I posted a response to her #makeamakersmile blogpost, and she responded to me. We share a philosophy and a deep appreciate for art and landscapes, although we work in different media.


Do check out her blogpost at While you’re there, poke around on her website. I hope you’ll enjoy her creations and perhaps even make a purchase. Who knows, this could become an international movement! Meanwhile, here on this side of the Atlantic pond there are many artists as well, several of them living a stone’s throw away. With the madness of Christmas gift giving upon us all, why not give a hand crafted item, book, image, painting or whatever that will be sure to delight the recipient and support a local artist as well.

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A new year is just around the corner

2015 Full moon at Christmas

2015 Full moon at Christmas

2015 is drawing to a close and a new year is just around the corner. It seems that the older one gets, the more rapidly time flies by. Since the past is behind us for a reason, the only thing one can do is take the lessons learned from the previous year and travel boldly into the new one, hopefully wiser and ready for whatever challenges and adventures await.

Happy New Year!

I’m a lifelong learning addict, so with the beginning of a new year I’m looking forward to continuing to learn new things. Some I will apply to my personal photography projects and some to improving my client work. With that new year just around the corner, it’s time to get ready. And some I will share with others through some workshops that are just in the planning stages.

If you want to know what’s coming, be sure to click on the “manage your subscription options” link below and sign up for reminders.



Last October a new puppy came to live with us. In less than three months he’s already grown into a good sized young dog, and he’ll be substantial by the time he’s full grown. Harley has already settled into our lives and figured out his place as photographic assistant, helping subjects to relax and smile – and who could resist this face?

Introducing my new photography assistant: Harley Davidson Snow.

Introducing my new photography assistant:               Harley Davidson Snow.

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’tis the season

By the glow of the Christmas tree...

By the glow of the Christmas tree…

Advertising moguls, Coca Cola, and Currier and Ives have done their level best to portray idyllic Christmas scenes with images of families and friends, gathered around a feast or a tree laden with gifts, laughing and smiling with seasonal joy. For those who have that experience, congratulations. Enjoy that feeling of satisfaction and abundance.

But for those whose experience fails to measure up to those ideals – perhaps due to the loss of a loved one, or family members who are too far away to share in the celebrations, family members working through the holidays, or even relationships gone bad – may you find pleasure in the memories of good times spent together in the past. May you find peace in your solitude and from the beauty of the little things like Christmas lights twinkling on a tree or the sound of a favourite song.

Although wherever you turn you will be bombarded with symbols of unadulterated happiness, remember that those are often created in response to a perception of what the public wants to see and frequently merely to sell products. Remember to celebrate your own reason for the season – be it religious, a general caring for your fellow (wo)man, or a simple celebration of the changing of the season and the beginning of a new year. You are entitled to celebrate as much, or as little, as you feel like.

So, whatever it may mean to you, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Feliz Natal e um Feliz Ano Novo e Propserous!

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Christmas Day

Sunrise Christmas morning

Sunrise Christmas morning

After three long and dreary days of freezing rain, dismal skies, treacherous driving conditions and endless shovelling and plowing, not to mention thousands of homes without power, heat, lights or the ability to cook any meal, let alone Christmas dinner, the sun shone brightly on this classic white Christmas morning!

winter morning_web _L2H1262The fields across the road are filled with snow and the trees are wearing fluffy white coats over their (sadly) ice encrusted branches. But the light from the sun has created crystals on some.

Lilac Bud ice crystals

Lilac Bud ice crystals

This type of morning, especially on Christmas, makes everyone feel happier. Even the guy who plowed our road was willing to take an extra few minutes to help Joel by pushing the massive snow bank back a bit so there’d be more room to put the current and future snowfalls.

Family and friends who have been without power for days are slowly being reconnected to the world and for that we are grateful. Hopefully they will be warm soon and well fed!

winter morning_web _L2H1275 - Version 2That thermometer reads Celsius, by the way. The temperature is dropping despite the sunshine, and the wind is coming up a bit. I really hope this doesn’t spell more difficulty for the NB Power crews who have been slaving away in abysmal conditions and sacrificing their own Christmas plans so others can have heat, light and food.

winter morning_web _L2H1279 - Version 2But for now, at least, the sky is bright and blue and the snow adds atmosphere to this beautiful Christmas Day.

May you and those you care about be warm, happy and enjoy all that this festive time means to you.

Let's go fishin'

Let’s go fishin’

May all your dreams come true!

Ride on!

Ride on!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!



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One more sleep

Ball ornament square_web


On this day before the most magical evening of the year, when children of all ages hope and dream for a beautiful future, we have a chance to pause and reflect on what has happened in our lives in the past year. This is different from the New Year’s Eve reflections and promises to do better in the future. No, this day is the one to focus on appreciating the good things that have happened – to us and that we have done for others.

The Christmas season is indeed magical. Even for the grinches among us who find things to complain about there comes a moment when a small sigh escapes the lips to be followed by a wee smile. Even for those who have lost loved ones and are facing Christmas without them, perhaps for the first time or even for the gzillionth time, there is still magic in the memories of Christmases shared. Even for those for whom this might be their last Christmas, there is magic in sharing peace and love with those who care and creating one more set of memories for those who will be left behind to keep them alive in their hearts.

So – on this day before the most magical evening of the year, I wish you happiness, peace and good will toward all.

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Small towns are pretty

I live in a small town. There’s something nice about being able to walk around downtown taking photos of the Christmas lights and having total strangers wander by and wish me a Merry Christmas and good luck with my photos. That alone makes it a Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all!

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Silent Night

Rocking horse chimes_web


Yesterday afternoon the power lines, somewhere, succumbed to the weight of the heavy, wet snow that had fallen for hours – and the power went out. Never fear – we were prepared, and I lit the propane fireplace/stove and heated soup for our supper while warming the room. What is truly amazing is how noisy our lives are – and how silent the world when the power goes out.

No fans were blowing; no fridge kicking on and off; no TV, no hum and no glow from computers, and in our case, compliments of wireless phones, no phone.

With no electronic amusements, we actually spent a peaceful couple of hours playing cards, talking, sharing a snack and sharing life. Even Hoover and Halo were content to observe our truly silent night.

Around 3:a.m. the power came back on after 12+ hours of blissful, if chilly, silence. Luckily it wasn’t a very cold night and the propane fireplace kept our home cozy. But, when the power came back on, a few lights that had been left on when it stopped resumed their glow. The fridge began to hum. The heat pump began to blow. The fan on the stove came on – and we woke suddenly to a no longer silent night.

Sometimes a reminder of a more primitive time with fewer distractions can be a very good thing!

Winter twig_web

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Why now?

Chickadee_webOne week from today it will be Christmas Day. It is the time of year when, regardless of one’s religious affiliations, we celebrate friends, family, relationships and peace on earth. On that night, with Christmas tree lights twinkling and carols playing on the stereo or being sung, we all try to pause, breathe deeply and utter a sigh of contentment that all is right with the world.

Or, is it? For far too many people and families, the added stress of having to appear “bright and cheery” to all and sundry is a brutal burden to bear. These are the people who have lost loved ones and no longer have them to share the season with. Or people who are struggling with their own or a family member’s or friend’s illness or other problem. For them the word “Merry” hardly applies.

With the news pouring in from around the world about the latest tragedy, catastrophe (man made or natural), war, economic woes and other strife, it makes one feel guilty to be living that ‘good’ life with decent health, family and good friends.

And yet, this is the season of hope and joy. Like the little black capped chickadee, my home province’s official bird, we have to adapt to the climate we’re given, fluff up our insulating downy feathers, and be strong. We can work together, like a flock of these industrious wee birds, and share our strength and caring with those who need it.

So yes, it will be indeed a Merry Christmas.


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‘Tis the season – for remembering

I lost a good friend and talented craftsperson earlier this year. There wasn’t a lot that Fran (Simmonds) turned her hand to that she couldn’t do. Among her many artistic endeavours she turned eggshells into works of art. This egg, with its wee horse with saddle and bridle on it, hangs on my Christmas tree each year – a gentle reminder of someone who touched my life in so many ways.

Some people’s trees are beautifully decorated with carefully chosen matching ornaments and accessories. In their own way, they are works of art too. But my tree is an eclectic collection of assorted, and definitely NOT coordinated, ornaments and trinkets, each one bringing its own story to my Christmases each year – reminders of people, places and events in my life that have shaped, prodded and pushed my choices toward the person I am still becoming.

What kind of memory tree do you have? Let me know. And have a Merry Christmas this and every year!

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