Dressage PEI Awards & ACE Championship Medal Presentations

Here are the proofs for the Dressage PEI Awards and the Atlantic Canada Equestrian Championship Medal Presentations from Sunday, August 27, 2017.

Please note that purchased prints will not have any watermarks on them. Each purchased print includes delivery of a matching web-ready version suitable for sharing on social media, via email for friends and relatives in far off destinations etc. To view size options and prices, please click here.

You can stop the slide show by clicking in the centre of the image. To order prints, please note the number under each print, the number of copies and the size you wish to order.

_DSF6268.jpg_DSF6270.jpg_DSF6271 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6272 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6275 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6277 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6279.jpg_DSF6281.jpg_DSF6282 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6284.jpg_DSF6285 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6287.jpg_DSF6289.jpg_DSF6292.jpg_DSF6294.jpg_DSF6297 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6298.jpg_DSF6299.jpg_DSF6302.jpg_DSF6304.jpg_DSF6306 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6307 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6308.jpg_DSF6313.jpg_DSF6315 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6317.jpg_DSF6318.jpg_DSF6319.jpg_DSF6320.jpg_DSF6321 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6322 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6324 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6325 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6326 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6326.jpg_DSF6327 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6329 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6331 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6333.jpg_DSF6335.jpg_DSF6336.jpg_DSF6337.jpg_DSF6338.jpg_DSF6340.jpg_DSF6341 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6342 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6343 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6344 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6345 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6347 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6348.jpg_DSF6349 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6350 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6352 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6353 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6354 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6355 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6356 - Version 2.jpg_DSF6357.jpg