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The Picture Province

Years ago Tourism New Brunswick used the slogan “Canada’s Picture Province”. Somewhere along the line that slogan was dropped in favour of several variations that essentially said nothing nor gave any reason to stop in what had become Canada’s pass-through province. Tourists on their way to Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island rush through on the lovely 4-lane Trans Canada highway and  are rarely enticed to top and see what we proudly have to offer.

I had visitors from British Columbia today. It was a pleasure to finally meet ‘new’ cousins that I’d been chatting with on Facebook but had never actually meant. Knowing that I am a keen photographer, they asked if I had any poster or prints for sale and it suddenly dawned on me that I rarely showcase those items. So, I’ve created two galleries – one featuring the Fundy Shore from Cape Enrage through Alma and to St. Martins and the Fundy Trail. The second features my home territory in Picadilly, Sussex and around Kings County and its rural lifestyle. I hope you will check out my Maritime Memories galleries for a look at a few of the reasons why this province IS indeed Canada’s Picture Province.

On the Fundy Trail

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Summer sliding to an end

What a day it has been!

Harley visit2 _L2H7986 - Version 2

Alma lowtide web _L2H7965 - Version 2.jpgAlma lowtide web _L2H7951 - Version 2.jpgAlma lowtide web _L2H7957 - Version 2.jpgAlma lowtide web _L2H7961 - Version 2.jpgAlma lowtide web _L2H7964 - Version 2.jpg

Summer is sliding to an end – and ever so gracefully. Joel and I had a lovely day today enjoying the sunny, but slightly cooler, day. We drove over the hills through #FundyNationalPark and stopped in Alma. Once again the tide was out but I chose to play with my 20mm wide-angle lens to capture some images of life at the bottom of the bay.

Then we headed off to Riverside-Albert for a visit with my soon-to-be 98-year-old Aunt Annie (Wright). My cousin Bluette joined us for the visit and Annie seemed thrilled to have the visit. At her advanced age her mind is still sharp – and so is her wit!

Annie98visit _L2H7970 - Version 2.jpgAnnie98visit _L2H7971 - Version 2.jpgAnnie98visit _L2H7974 - Version 2.jpgAnnie98visit _L2H7976 - Version 2.jpgAnnie98visit _L2H7978 - Version 2.jpg

The day wasn’t over yet! Our next stop was a visit to our new puppy, Harley, in Shepody at Sportsman Standard Poodles. At 5 1/2 weeks of age, he’s grown a lot since we saw him a mere two weeks ago. Our lives are about to change, and most definitely for the better, when he comes home to live with us in another two and a bit weeks. We can hardly wait – as you may guess from these photos.

Harley visit2 _L2H7979.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7981 - Version 2.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7986 - Version 2.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7989.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7991.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7993.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7995.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7996.jpg


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Just a sunny summer day in the Maritimes

Yesterday was, indeed, a typical sunny summer day out here in the Maritimes. My husband and I decided it would be a great day to just take a drive, relax and enjoy the waning days of summer, a season too short and too soon gone. So, we hopped in the car and headed out.

We drove along Route 114, through Fundy National Park and into the little town of Alma – a fishing village nestled beside the Bay of Fundy, renowned for having the highest tides in the world! It was low tide when we arrived, and the fleet was resting on the ocean floor, waiting to sail again when the tide came in. In the meantime, crews (and on-lookers) were doing repairs and preparations for the next sailing in search of a good catch.

One boat was flying the “Jolly Roger” pirate flag and was aptly named “Dead Men Tell No Tales”. Nice to see a good sense of humour! After walking around the town, we enjoyed lunch at a local cafe. Sadly, I’m allergic to shellfish so our menu choices were a little limited. For those not so afflicted, there was a cornucopia of seafood delights being offered everywhere.

_DSF1660.jpg_DSF1662 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1664 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1666 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1668.jpg_DSF1669 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1670 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1672 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1673 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1676 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1677 - Version 2.jpg

After leaving Alma we continued along Route 114, beside the salt marshes where my father’s family used to pick ‘goose tongue greens’ – a favourite local delicacy. We passed through Riverside-Albert and stopped at the Hopewell Cemetery where my parents and Dad’s family are buried. It’s a pretty place, peaceful and quiet, shaded by big old trees – a respite from the unseasonable warmth of the day – and cooled by a breeze coming in off the Bay. I can’t ever remember being there when it was SO hot. As a child, when we’d go to visit my grandparents, we ALWAYS packed sweaters and jackets to ward off the dampness and cold, whether in July or November. They weren’t needed yesterday.

Our adventure continued down the road as I decided to show Joel our family farm. The driveway is no longer easy to spot, unused, neglected and overgrown with weeds. Lawns and gardens have vanished. The support beams for the old barn are broken and bent – no doubt a good wind or heavy snowfall this winter will finish the demolition. It’s certainly not a safe place to explore although it holds many childhood memories of playing in the hayloft with my cousins.

The old farmhouse has almost completely collapsed and Mother Nature is reclaiming the land from human interference. It’s sad to see the ruination of yet another farm. Someone must have arranged to use the hayfields up on the hill as they’ve been cut and tractor tire tracks were evident on the path leading up beside the decaying barn. That’s a good thing and keeps the overgrowth at bay.

Still, the memories flooded back. The huge oak trees lining the driveway were once acorns planted by my Dad when he was a little boy. I remember scuttling up what seemed like miles from the foot of the driveway to the house. As a little girl, after playing at my cousins’ house across the road, that driveway seemed ominous and forbidding in the rapidly darkening evening hours. It took all of my courage to bravely run up there and get in, as instructed, before dark.

_DSF1678.jpg_DSF1680 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1682.jpg_DSF1684 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1688 - Version 2.jpg_DSF1690 - Version 2.jpg

But our day wasn’t over yet. We found our next canine companion, an adorable sold black male Standard Poodle puppy just down the road. He’s only 3 weeks old now and so won’t be coming home with us for a few more weeks, but he’s adorable and we can’t WAIT to add him to our family.

Harley and his siblings having lunch!

Harley and his siblings having lunch!

And so our adventure for the day came to an end. All in all, a wonderful sunny summer day.

Sunset in Picadilly

Sunset in Picadilly



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