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Little rays of hope

Spring seems to be delaying her full arrival here in the Maritimes; but there are little rays of hope.

In the fields full of dandelions…

Dandelion Fields Forever

Or little individual blossoms…

Even in the seed heads past their prime, there is hope. Hope for the summer to come. Hope that the bees find the flowers and drink heartily. Hope for warmth and sunshine and hope for more flowers as well.


Dandelion Seed Head spreading the joy.

There is also hope in the lilac blooms finally appearing on the shrubs.

And in the tiny white flowers on the trees…

In other words, it is the season of hope, the season for dreaming and planning for the future. It is the season when we can finally venture outdoors without quite so many layers of warm clothes and, when the sun does shine, it is the season when we feel its warmth on our skin.

Spring does bring us little rays of hope with each lengthening day.




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Dandelion Fields Forever

Dandelion Fields Forever

Dandelion Fields Forever

It will be a while, perhaps a long while, before the fields across the road from my house look like this again since Mother Nature is planning on dumping at least one more major snowfall on us next week. But I am sustaining hope for flowers, fields, green and gold to peek out again. In the meanwhile, photographs from last season will have to do.

Last year when the dandelions were in bloom everywhere, the scourge of those who pursue the perfect lawn devoid of weeds, my mother mentioned how much she liked looking at the pretty yellow dandelion heads. against the green grass. Then I found another friend who felt the same way. Who is to say that dandelions are, in and of themselves, evil? Not at all. And acres and acres of them really are quite stunning.

So, armed with a wide-angle lens and a garbage bag to kneel on, I headed across the road to my neighbour’s field and crept up on the wakening flowers early in the morning. They really are lovely in their own way.

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