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It’s summer time!

Yay, it’s summer time and, as the song says, the living is easy! Well, it’s easier.

There are lawns to mow, gardens to plant and tend, and, or course, the decorative touches around the house that make being outside a joy on a warm summer day.

Purple Petunias

I’m not sure why, but this year when I shopped for annual flowers for my five hanging baskets, the purple petunias won out over all the other offerings. Some people associate purple with sadness or loss. Not me. These flowers are prolific and so very, very cheerful on a bright summer day.

More purple flowers found their way into the whimsical horse planter on my deck railing.

Dew drops on petals – macro photo

When I stepped out the door early this morning the first thing I noticed was the collection of tiny dew drops on the delicate petals of my purple flowers. I dashed back into the house and grabbed my macro lens to take an up close and personal look at them.

Dew drops – macro 1X

The way they reflect the light and colours around them intrigues me.

dew drops on petals macro at 2X

Yes, it is summer time and, although there are chores to be done, the living IS easier and there are flowers to admire. Enjoy the warmth and sunshine when it’s available. Slow down a bit to enjoy this most fleeting of the seasons. Breathe in the scents that Mother Nature is providing – from the heady aroma of roses to the musky smells emanating from the bushes along the roadside. The smell of recently cut grass is a hallmark of the season as is the smell of clothes dried on a line outside in the sun.

The season is far too short. Pull on some comfortable clothes and venture out. It’s amazing what the warmth, sunshine, sights and scents of the season will do for your soul.

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Summer is flying by in my garden

Here in the Maritimes summer in the garden is flying by much too quickly. I took a walk around the yard today creating photographs of what is happening (or not) in a couple of my very basic gardens. You have to understand that my passion is photography, not gardening. But, that said, I do appreciate how much a garden or two add to the ambience of a yard, making a house and property feel more “homey”.

Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan

The petals on my Black-eyed Susans are showing the ravages of time but they are still a bright spot out there in the yard.

Day Lilly

Day Lily

And while most of the lilies have given up the ghost, there are still a few buds waiting to extend summer just a little longer.

Double White Rose and Bee

Double White Rose and Bee

I’m always amazed by my Double White Rose bushes that continue to bloom into the fall. They keep the local bees happy!

Double White Rose bud

Double White Rose bud

And there may be more to come before the official end of summer.

Lilac buds

Lilac buds

Even the lilac bush is still loving the heat of summer and putting out new buds.

Rose Hips

Rose Hips

Meanwhile, the roses that have finished for the season are happily setting their rose hips. The birds will be happy when the temperatures get colder.

Berries on the bush

Berries on the bush

Here’s where I have to confess my ignorance. I have no idea what type of bush this is and consequently no idea what type of berries these are – but the birds sure do like them!

So, that’s how I spent this warm and muggy summer afternoon – roaming around the gardens taking photographs while there’s still lots going on out there. If you want to make some nice photos of your garden, take your time, look for a variety of angles and simplify, simplify, simplify. All of these are shot at ISO200, f/5.6 and, since there was a slight breeze, a shutter speed of 1/500. My goal was to isolate a small section of each plant. Since the sun was shining brightly on the rose bushes, I used my body to put the roses into shadow so I could emphasize the bee, the petals and the leaf texture. The lone lilac bloom was lovely but the garage siding isn’t particularly attractive so, by using a long focal length (135mm) and a reasonably wide aperture I was able to blur the background to an almost solid gray, letting the lovely lilac flower star!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful summer. It’s not over yet, but as the days grow ever shorter, it gets more and more important to get out there and enjoy it while we can!

White Rose

White Rose

They call these the dog days of summer. Hmmm. I wonder why? ‘Til next time.


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Dandelion Fields Forever

Dandelion Fields Forever

Dandelion Fields Forever

It will be a while, perhaps a long while, before the fields across the road from my house look like this again since Mother Nature is planning on dumping at least one more major snowfall on us next week. But I am sustaining hope for flowers, fields, green and gold to peek out again. In the meanwhile, photographs from last season will have to do.

Last year when the dandelions were in bloom everywhere, the scourge of those who pursue the perfect lawn devoid of weeds, my mother mentioned how much she liked looking at the pretty yellow dandelion heads. against the green grass. Then I found another friend who felt the same way. Who is to say that dandelions are, in and of themselves, evil? Not at all. And acres and acres of them really are quite stunning.

So, armed with a wide-angle lens and a garbage bag to kneel on, I headed across the road to my neighbour’s field and crept up on the wakening flowers early in the morning. They really are lovely in their own way.

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Outside my window the sun is shining brightly. It looks as if Mother Nature is inviting us out to walk toward spring that is surely just around the corner.

But, she can be a deceptive one, old MN. Should you venture forth and attempt to open the door, her gale-force wind will rip it from your hands and fling it back against the wall while you hold on for all you are worth. Mother Nature is powerful and not at all reluctant to demonstrate that power at your expense.

Cesar said to beware the Ides of March and he wasn’t kidding. February ay be the longest short month in the year, but March, with its feint promise of spring, is without doubt one of the longest and tortuous months as we mere mortals wait, with baited breath, for winter to let go its icy grasp and a new season of hope, sunshine and warmth to open up for us.

In the meantime, we must be content to gaze upon bouquets of flowers from our neighbourhood florist. Beautiful as they are, they are but a tease for what will come soon – we hope.

rose banner_L2H1045_web

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Flower Power

rose banner_L2H1045_web

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Fickle February


Drifted Snow BW website


Ah, February is Mother Nature’s joke. Yesterday we had the worst blizzard we’ve seen in over two years; this morning the winds are calm and the sun is shining on a bright, if chilly, winter morning.

But, one must always bow to Mother Nature’s expertise. The way in which her winds arranged the drifts of snow yesterday was extremely artistic, piling layer upon layer and finishing each off with a wisp of a peak before moving on to the next.

Meanwhile, inside the house, I marvelled at her expertise in creating sensory overload with developing colours and scents to transport the imagination to a more tropical climate.

Bud on a lily

Bud on a lily


Open lily

Open lily


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Where has the last month gone?

We’ve had a wild ride weather-wise including everything from almost tropical rains and warm temperatures to sub-zero ones that even brass monkeys would avoid.

And personally, life has followed a similar path. What was supposed to have been a simple gallbladder extraction has morphed into a more complicated medical issue probably requiring a second surgery sometime (hopefully soon), and a good friend who is dealing with her own medical issues is offering support and comfort to me.

After the first surgery, my good friends the Goold’s sent a lovely bouquet to brighten my day. Now that the post-surgical discomfort is more-or-less over, I find myself with time on my hands – and that’s a good thing. I’ve dug out my camera gear and had time to actually play with it – just for fun.

Some people say things are “the cat’s a**”. I like to think it’s more like the Eye of the Tiger, so to speak, that watches every move I make.

The Cat's Eye

The Cat’s Eye

Under her watchful eye I captured a few closeups of some of the flowers.

_L2H0871 - Version 2 _L2H0870 - Version 2 _L2H0866 - Version 2


And then I dug out the macro lens to take an even closer look.

_L2H0885 - Version 2

Stamen of a lily

daisy stamen

Stamen of the daisy

How much fun is that?

So, where has the last month gone? I’m not sure about the destination, but the speed with which it has flown by is astounding.


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