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A time for peace

“The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.
The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.”

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost


A friend of mine died last week-end. Finding her was oh so hard, but she’s at peace and her trusty dog stayed by her side until help arrived. As the details are dealt with, and no one’s business but hers alone, it’s time to celebrate the woman she was.

Vanessa Packman was known by many in our small community and beyond. She was active in several groups, most of which supported animal welfare, and the celebration of what was good about our community.

But more than being the consummate volunteer and community supporter, Vanessa was a whimsical soul. She saw beauty and hope around many corners and dreamed of a better world for all, especially our animal friends.

Last year, for her 50th birthday celebration, her friends got together to host a surprise “Alice in Wonderland” themed garden party. Vanessa was most definitely surprised.

Vanessa arriving at her party

She quickly joined into the spirit of the occasion, donning a special gown just for the occasion.

‘Nessa in Wonderland

A buffet meal suitable to a garden tea party was presented along with the requisite cake and most thoughtful gifts.  As queen for the day, Vanessa reigned over the assembled group with aplomb. Her “Lady in Waiting”, KC, was never far from her side (and the food).

“Lady in Waiting”, KC

Whatever else was going on in her life, Vanessa always had time to talk to her friends, share the bounty of her garden, and ask after others’ families and wellbeing. Those who knew and cherished her will miss her bright smile and never-ending ideas for the betterment of all.

Cheers and “pinky up” my friend. Rest in Peace.

Vanessa and I at her garden party.



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Facets and faces

Like a diamond or any other mineral, life, too, has many facets. And you will find different faces in each facet of your life.

Do YOU see it?

Do YOU see it?

People come and go throughout our lives. Some move away. Some pass away. Some simply drift out of our consciousness.

But those that ‘stick’ are the gems that make our lives worthwhile. True friendship is more than just having acquaintances. It’s not about numbers or ‘likes’ on Facebook. It’s about the people that you not only love but also trust and respect. And, it’s about the people that return your love, trust and respect.

In a lifetime we are lucky to have just a few souls that we can count on as true friends and today I salute them. Thank you for making your facet in my life glow.

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Goodbye my friend, there are no words

For almost thirty years Anne and I were friends. We met through work, discovered we were neighbours, became close friends, watched our children grow up and become young men, and we shared the many ups and downs of life through all of that. We stood beside each other at our weddings, and she helped me through a divorce. We celebrated each others successes and passed the tissues when we needed to.

Four and a half months ago she received the horrid diagnosis: stage IV cancer. She fought as hard as she could for as long as she could, but it was inevitable that the disease would win.

She will be greatly missed by her husband, sons and daughters, the grandchildren she adored, her friends and former colleagues – and me.


Anne and me looking so young in 1989

Anne and me looking so young in 1989

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‘Tis the season – for remembering

I lost a good friend and talented craftsperson earlier this year. There wasn’t a lot that Fran (Simmonds) turned her hand to that she couldn’t do. Among her many artistic endeavours she turned eggshells into works of art. This egg, with its wee horse with saddle and bridle on it, hangs on my Christmas tree each year – a gentle reminder of someone who touched my life in so many ways.

Some people’s trees are beautifully decorated with carefully chosen matching ornaments and accessories. In their own way, they are works of art too. But my tree is an eclectic collection of assorted, and definitely NOT coordinated, ornaments and trinkets, each one bringing its own story to my Christmases each year – reminders of people, places and events in my life that have shaped, prodded and pushed my choices toward the person I am still becoming.

What kind of memory tree do you have? Let me know. And have a Merry Christmas this and every year!

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You’ve Got A Friend in Me

In the past few days I’ve enjoyed several reminders of what friendship is all about. Whether it is human friendship, or friendship displayed by other species, the basics are the same.

The two dogs in the photo do everything together; they play; they eat; they act foolish; and the sleep on either side of their person. What greater display of friendship and caring could there be?

Friends from waaayyy back

These two ladies have been friends since early childhood. They went through school together and Debbie (on the right) was maid of honour at Alison’s wedding more than three decades ago! Time and circumstance meant they lost touch with each other until the stumbled across each other’s profiles on Facebook. Reunited after all those years, both said it felt like they’d talked only yesterday. That’s friendship.

And Hoover is never one to be left out of a happy moment….

Hoover horning in on a happy moment between “old” friends

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Face-to-face, computer-to-computer: friendship means a lot

There’s a lot of truth to this statement. Whether we are young or old or somewhere in between, friendships are the glue that help us to keep our lives together with some degree of sanity. It doesn’t matter if the friend is someone we’ve known all of our lives; someone we’ve recently met; someone we’ve only known ‘on-line’ through an electronic connection; or even a family member we choose to call ‘friend’ too. A friend is a friend is a friend.

I have one friend that lives thousands of kilometres away in northern British Columbia. We’ve been friends for eons – literally since potty training, and that wasn’t yesterday for either of us! But, when we chat on birthdays, Christmas or other days for no good reason, it’s just like we were together yesterday – and that’s how it should be.

Other people that I choose to call friends are those I’ve met along life’s highway. Some have come and gone while others have stuck. Another friend I met 20+ years ago through a shared interest (in horses – surprised?). We’ve been through a lot together – so far – and I suspect we’ll continue along the path forever.

Some are new friends, but quickly becoming dear friends. Some are “e-friends” that, even if we’ve never, or only occasionally, met face-to-face, I still care about. Some are family members that I would choose to have as friends, even if we weren’t related!

I love my friends. I married one of them. Friends matter so remember to tell yours how much you really care.

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