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Making friends – making smiles

I met a new friend today by happenstance. One of my friends on Facebook shared a link to this artist’s blog and it totally resonated with me. I posted a response to her #makeamakersmile blogpost, and she responded to me. We share a philosophy and a deep appreciate for art and landscapes, although we work in different media.


Do check out her blogpost at https://www.janehunterart.com/blogs/news/make-a-maker-smile. While you’re there, poke around on her website. I hope you’ll enjoy her creations and perhaps even make a purchase. Who knows, this could become an international movement! Meanwhile, here on this side of the Atlantic pond there are many artists as well, several of them living a stone’s throw away. With the madness of Christmas gift giving upon us all, why not give a hand crafted item, book, image, painting or whatever that will be sure to delight the recipient and support a local artist as well.

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Friends – the true measure of success

For some people it is the accumulation of money, or the things money can buy, that defines who they are and when, or if, they are successful.

For others, and I count myself among them, it is the friends one has and the warm feelings enjoyed whenever they are near that defines success.

Sometimes friends just make you feel welcome. Sometimes they offer a word of encouragement when it feels like the bottom is falling out of your world. And sometimes a small gift helps make your spirit soar.

So stop, and smell the roses.

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