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The time has come

It’s the time of year that farmers have a love/hate relationship with their fields. It is haying season.

Sunrise on Mulberry Lane

On the first really sunny day we’d had in a while, Harley and I headed out early for our morning walk. The sunrise over the hills of Picadilly seen from Mulberry Lane was spectacular. Fields on both sides of the road were fragrant with mature hay, ready for harvest.

Roadside weeds at sunrise

Even weeds look beautiful at sunrise. Harley is patient when I stop to shoot photos, taking my time to bend over and have a look to see how a photo might appear.

Hay as far as the eye can see

In the warm glow of sunrise, the hay takes on a golden cast.

Seed heads begin to dance as a light breeze blows across the field.

Timothy glowing

The mature seed heads of the timothy hay glow as they blow in the early morning breeze.

Almost beyond mature, the hay crop is ready. It’s time for that first cut and judging by the density of the growth in the fields, the yield should be excellent. Farmer Brown’s cows will eat well this winter!

In another day or two this field will first be full of bales – and then empty, ready to grow some more for a second cut and harvest for the season.

I love haying season (now that I no longer have to lift and stack bales). The smell of the dew drenched grass and then the intoxication of the aroma of newly cut hay wafting in my windows.



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113 years old

Mulberry Lane hayfield in the sun

Mulberry Lane hayfield in the sun

Today would have been my adopted mother’s 113th birthday. She grew up in the mountains of British Columbia near the then-tiny town of New Denver. Although she went on to be a ‘city girl’, she really never lost her appreciation for nature.

I thought of her this morning as I walked down Mulberry Lane smelling the fresh-cut hay, tedded into rows, drying in the warm sun and waiting to be baled. Imagine the things she would have seen in her lifetime between 1910 and today? It boggles the mind.

So, on this warm and sunny July 13th I wish her a very Happy Birthday!

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It’s gonna be a hot one today….

The cheery soul on last night’s TV weather forecast share a prediction for temperatures in the 30s for the next several days accompanied by high humidity, rain, thunder storms. In other words, a typical mid-summer week ahead.

Luckily, Hoover and I are early morning types so, to avoid being on the hot asphalt road later in the day, we took our long walk at 6 o’clock when the sun was barely peeking over the horizon and the air, although humid, was still relatively cool. We weren’t the only ones out and about. Across the road two farm workers were quickly gathering the last of the huge, round, hay bales on the forks of the tractor and loading them onto wagons for transport to the barn. Because the last bit of the field is a long way from the road, it looked for all the world like dinky toy vehicles zipping around.

And, even though the hay has been cut and baled already, new shoots are growing up and there will be a second cut in August for sure!

Wonderful scents competed for my attention: newly mown hay versus musky woodland smells. Both hold their own attraction for me. When inhaled deeply, both evoke a moment of peace and I am immediately transported back to my childhood lying in the grass watching cloud characters float by on high. And it feels good.


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