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Spring has sprung – at last!

It seems, of late, that it has taken much longer for spring to arrive. It’s as if the seasons are all about a month behind where they should be. But, that said, it’s a delight to have windows open, the sun radiating real warmth that soaks into you, and birds singing on every branch.

It wasn’t too long ago that the fields were swathed in snow and ice and branches barely showed above the banks on the roadsides. Now, when Harley and I go for our morning strolls, it’s a joy instead of a chore – for both of us. Now, if you look closely, buds are swelling getting ready to burst forth with leaves and flowers and the scents of the season. Spring truly is a time of rebirth and everyone’s mood reflects that. Walking down the street I notice that people are walking more lightly and with energy, smiling greetings at each other – no longer brief and gruff as winter winds drive the cold and damp into one’s bones.

In four days I’m off to Ireland on a Writer’s Retreat with author and workshop leader, Gerard Collins. He’s attracted an interesting group of writers to participate in the event from novices to experienced and published authors themselves. It should be a fascinating adventure and hopefully I’ll finally take the plunge on developing at least one of the book concepts I’ve been tossing around for eons. I’ll try and keep you posted from the Emerald Isle if I can. Meanwhile, get out, breathe deeply and enjoy the burgeoning spring that is just around the corner.

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It’s spring – somewhere

It's spring.  The calendar says so.
It’s spring.
The calendar says so.

The calendar and all of the media pundits cheerfully announced that spring officially arrived two days ago. Sadly, I think they forgot to tell Mother Nature to kick Old Man Winter out – way out. Snowbanks in our neck of the woods range from 8-10 feet high and many well exceed 25 feet. The world is white.

My husband spent two hours in the wee hours of the morning clearing the walkway and driveway of the latest snowfall from last night. Since he has to work a night shift tonight, he’s napping right now. Imagine his excitement when he wakes up to discover that, although the snowfall has abated a bit, the winds have increased dramatically and the temperature is plummeting. The howling wind has blissfully filled in all the places that he cleared earlier today with drifts of snow. I suspect he will be less than happy when he opens his eyes.

In my next life, should the fates determine that I have to live in an area that suffers severe winters, I want to be reincarnated as a bear. They get to gorge on food to fatten up for the season, hibernate through the worst of the winter, birth their young while semi-conscious mostly unaware of the process, and roar loudly when they’ve had enough of the #never-ending-winter! Sounds good to me.

In the meantime, I’ll crank up the propane fireplace, grab the cat, a good book, a warm blanket and a hot cup of tea and make the best of it. See y’all when spring actually arrives.

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It was spring in Brazil

Butterfly on a shrub at the Universidade de Cavalo near Sao Paulo, Brazil

Butterfly on a shrub at the Universidade do Cavalo near Sao Paulo, Brazil

When the members of the Brazil on Focus group arrived in Brazil it was spring. For those of us from North America, where autumn was in full swing with cool, crisp temperatures and the brilliant fall foliage just beginning to emerge, the warmth, humidity and endless flowers were a delightful shock to our sensibilities.

Days were hot, humid and sunny while evenings were only a little cooler. Sweaters and coats were definitely NOT needed. We were fortunate, indeed, to enjoy an extended summer season before returning home to increasingly shorter days and colder temperatures.

Although we were there to improve our equine photography skills, the chance to photograph other, sometimes unrelated, subjects was always available. This shot of the butterfly on a bush was taken during a break at the Universidade do Cavalo. I had been watching an instructor with his class of future farriers, and wandered outside the stable to see what else there was to see. There sat this lovely butterfly doing what butterflies do.

Meanwhile, inside, the class continued.

Technique and understanding are the key components

Technique and understanding are the key components

The instructor, Danilo, was very patient, showing his students how to strike the hot shoe to shape it effectively.

Shaping a hot shoe on the anvil

Shaping a hot shoe on the anvil

Strong hands - soft touch

Strong hands – soft touch

When these students complete their course, they will have no difficulty finding clients who appreciate well trained and skilled farriers to keep their horses’ hooves in good shape and prevent avoidable lamenesses.

Spring in Brazil – the light, the colours, the sounds and the scents – they all assault your senses upon awakening every morning.

UdC assault the senses _L2H7094 - Version 2




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Spring buds

Spring buds banner

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Spring Bud

Bud web banner

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More photography

The sun had amazing strength today. As time passed you could literally see changes in the buds on the trees. If this weather keeps up they will open soon showing off their colours and bringing cheer to all who see them and offering tantalizing opportunities for more photography.

bud in spring_web _L2H1293 - Version 2


bud in spring_web _L2H1294 - Version 2

The grass is even beginning to push its way up through last winter’s leaves.

bud in spring_web _L2H1296


bud in spring_web _L2H1303

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Really, it IS spring

Buds on Lilac Tree

Buds on Lilac Tree

I was delighted to discover that spring really HAS arrived. I saw a chubby robin searching for worms on the lawn AND there are tiny springs of green poking through the dry brown remnants of last fall giving hope for the new season. The lilac tree has new buds just waiting to burst forth and the sun has more strength to it now.

If you are taking photos of your garden, try using a very shallow depth of field (e.g. an f-stop in the f/2.8 to f/5.6 range) so the bud stands out and the winter’s detritus is blurred – much like this one.

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Spring, really?

snow belch _L2H1236 - Version 2It’s the 13th of April, almost a full month into the season euphemistically called “spring”. Seriously? Does this look like spring to you? Cold, white stuff clinging to the trees and carpeting the ground. The birds were chirping early this morning – no doubt wondering if they should return to their winter habitats significantly further south!

snow belch _L2H1239 - Version 2Buds on the bushes are shivering under their icy coats, unsure if they should burst forth with the season’s bounty – or not.

In my house only one creature is really impressed. Hoover loves the snow and rejoices in burying his nose in it, leaping up, spraying it around and then doing it all again while grabbing mouthfuls of it. The good news? At this time of year, it won’t last… will it?


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It IS April; it IS spring. Someone please tell Mother Nature?

DL2H7991 - Version 2migrating_webLast year by the time the geese migrated through the Kennebecasis Valley the snow was gone – and STAYED gone. This year Mother Nature seems a tad confused. Here it is, April 6th, and the temperature is BARELY zero, there’s a miserable north west wind careening around our area, and it’s been snowing since long before dawn ever thought of breaking.

In other words, at the moment, the weather totally sucks. That would be the eloquent way to put it, right?

It may be the lack of sleep last night, or that in combination with the miserable weather, but it is hard not to whine when we should be having milder temperatures, perhaps a few April showers, and no hurricane force winds. For those of us who love to make photographs, sometimes even in dreadful weather, at this time of year it is hard to get motivated. Friends of mine who breed animals have barns full of babies just waiting to pose for me – if I could get there. Sadly, most farms are located on dirt roads that, at the moment, are filled with axel deep ruts and oil pan ripping ridges, making the trek out to the rural areas very hazardous unless you are driving a 4×4. Somehow I don’t think “Daisy” was cut out for that type of adventure.




Oh well, it can’t last forever and as soon as the roads are passable, I’ll be out there.


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March is crawling to an end

Sunrise on Mulberry Lane

Sunrise on Mulberry Lane

As usual, Hoover and I were out walking long before the sun began to rise. His loud enthusiasm for being out with me disturbed a herd of grazing deer, sending them skittering across the field in search of less disturbing company. But as they disappeared into the woods over the rise of the hill, for a brief moment the sky lit up telling me the sun was rising – just before the mat of grey clouds swooped in to hide the light for yet another day.

There is a saying that the best camera is the one you have at the moment so, with that in mind, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped  a shot.  The noise in the picture was extensive so I ran it through Define 2.0 to remove as much of the interference as possible and, for those of you into editing photos, I also played with the Curves adjustment slightly so that what you see now better reflects what I saw then.

Regardless, it was a lovely way to start the day.

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