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Winter Sunday Sunrise

For many people winter isn’t the most joyous of the seasons. I can be one of those, whining about the cold, the ice, the aches and pains. But, since I have no choice to to head out every day for the benefit of my canine companion Harley, I’m working on retraining myself to see the beauty in all of the seasons.

We walk early in the morning, usually just before or during sunrise. Normally I take a camera, or at least my cell phone with its camera, when we walk. Today, unfortunately, I forgot to take either with me when we set out for our daily stroll down Mulberry Lane. In hindsight, it wasn’t unfortunate at all. Mulberry Lane runs between two large hayfields and the view in any direction is quite lovely. Sometimes the openness of the area is a detriment – like when the wind is blowing a gale across those fields, whipping any available snow into a frenzy that stings cheeks, eyes and fingertips.

Other times, like today, the air was exceptionally warm for late February and the fog lay heavily over the fields, obscuring both sights and sounds. For once we couldn’t hear any traffic on the nearby highway. Our view consisted of the tops of trees poking above the low lying fog clouds. So quiet, so peaceful, it made our pre-dawn walk a joy to the senses.

Once we got home I rushed to get my camera set up on the deck to capture what was left of the most eerie but pleasant feeling from our morning’s endeavours.


Sunny winter sunrise in Picadilly, NB


Winter sunrise on the hills of Picadilly, NB

Needless to say my constant companion was close at paw to oversee my efforts.

I can barely remember a time when my shadow wasn’t present for everything I do.

Harley watching sunrise

Every day is a gift, meant to be enjoyed, each moment appreciated for what it is.

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Summer sliding to an end

What a day it has been!

Harley visit2 _L2H7986 - Version 2

Alma lowtide web _L2H7965 - Version 2.jpgAlma lowtide web _L2H7951 - Version 2.jpgAlma lowtide web _L2H7957 - Version 2.jpgAlma lowtide web _L2H7961 - Version 2.jpgAlma lowtide web _L2H7964 - Version 2.jpg

Summer is sliding to an end – and ever so gracefully. Joel and I had a lovely day today enjoying the sunny, but slightly cooler, day. We drove over the hills through #FundyNationalPark and stopped in Alma. Once again the tide was out but I chose to play with my 20mm wide-angle lens to capture some images of life at the bottom of the bay.

Then we headed off to Riverside-Albert for a visit with my soon-to-be 98-year-old Aunt Annie (Wright). My cousin Bluette joined us for the visit and Annie seemed thrilled to have the visit. At her advanced age her mind is still sharp – and so is her wit!

Annie98visit _L2H7970 - Version 2.jpgAnnie98visit _L2H7971 - Version 2.jpgAnnie98visit _L2H7974 - Version 2.jpgAnnie98visit _L2H7976 - Version 2.jpgAnnie98visit _L2H7978 - Version 2.jpg

The day wasn’t over yet! Our next stop was a visit to our new puppy, Harley, in Shepody at Sportsman Standard Poodles. At 5 1/2 weeks of age, he’s grown a lot since we saw him a mere two weeks ago. Our lives are about to change, and most definitely for the better, when he comes home to live with us in another two and a bit weeks. We can hardly wait – as you may guess from these photos.

Harley visit2 _L2H7979.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7981 - Version 2.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7986 - Version 2.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7989.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7991.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7993.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7995.jpgHarley visit2 _L2H7996.jpg


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