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On the road (trip) again

Our recent road trip to Ontario began with an overnight stop in Saint Jean Port Joli, Quebec. It’s a delightful town on the banks of the St. Lawrence River about half way between Riviere du Loup and Quebec City. We found a wonderful park to explore just behind our motel, perfect for a walk with Harley.  There had been a sculpture contest a few years prior to our visit, and the resulting artwork is displayed throughout the walking trails.

Out on the wharf and breakwater there are more things to see, including a functioning lighthouse. Most of the private pleasure craft have been hauled out of the water for the season and are stored, high and dry, behind it.

Our stop in Kingston was brief so I didn’t get any photos of that area. When we arrived in Goderich, ON, however, at my brother’s and sister-in-law’s place, I kept the camera close-by. They are fortunate to live on the shores of Lake Huron – a beautiful and quaint area surrounded by miles of farming communities, much of it farmed by both Amish and Mennonite families.

Bob had to entice Harley into the lake. He wasn’t sure what it was all about but, given the intense heat, he was willing to try. Meanwhile Pat tossed a stick for Barclay to splash after in the lake.

Neither Barclay nor Harley were fans of the intense heat. He was content to have a nap in the shade in the sun room (with the curtains closed and fan running!).

Geese were gathering for their migration south but a tad confused by temperatures well above 30ºC! Is it fall or summer? Not so sure?

We explored the beach and along the shore of the lake each day.  Bob and Pat were great hosts and proud to show us around the area that they’ve grown to love and now call home.

On our second to last morning with them we headed to the beach for a sunrise breakfast. What a gorgeous way to start the day!

And, we finished off the day with a short walk on one section of the lengthy walking trail system throughout the area – one that took us across an abandoned and reclaimed railway bridge. It offered the ideal spot to shoot a sunset, check out the fish in the river leading into the lake, and watch golfers enjoying some end -of-season evening time on the course.

I was intrigued by the many colourful canoes resting on the banks of the Maitland River. The sunset over the lake was utterly lovely and I had to pause and capture the moment!

And, our visit came to an end as we headed back toward New Brunswick.

We stopped for the night in a tiny town between Kingston and Cornwall. The Johnstown Motel is, without a doubt, a hidden gem. It’s elderly, to be kind, and the rooms are small. But, the proprietors are wonderful people, the place is immaculate and the view across the St. Lawrence River through the 1000 Islands to the USA is spectacular. It is well worth a stop and I only wish we’d had more time to see what else there was to see!

I walked the river’s edge early in the morning and the reflections of clouds in the still water of the river were gorgeous.

As we loaded the car for the next leg of our journey toward home, the geese flew overhead toward their winter habitats to the south.

Although it was wonderful to see family and explore a bit of our beautiful country, it’s always good to get home as well. On our first day back from our 3500 km road trip, we got up early. Joel took Harley for a nice long (5k) walk and then we headed to the Sussex Dog Park. I captured the rising sun and Harley got to really stretch out and run. It’s good to be home again!

Harley is Happy to be Home too!


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Have you noticed?

February sunrise

February sunrise

We are more than a month past the dreaded Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, and have you noticed that Mother Nature is once again providing hope for the future with brilliant sunrises (when she’s not dumping a small mountain of snow on us)? And, the days are longer, too. There’s still light in the early evening for those who toil all day and want even a brief exposure to light.

It has come in handy during the past few days thanks to the wretched snow falls and blizzard conditions we’ve had. Since I’m unable to help with the shovelling and snow blowing, it has fallen to my other half. Coming home in a blizzard, it has been helpful for him to at least see where he has to wade through 3′ snow drifts to get into the house and find the shovels and scoops and the snowblower.

The upside is the artistic flair with which ice crystals are deposited on windows and other surfaces.

This was an ice crystal on my window this morning, shot with a 65mm Macro lens at 2X

This was an ice crystal on my window this morning, shot with a 65mm Macro lens at 2X

And then there are the artistic swirls of snow created by Mother Nature’s breath.

And the wind whipped around the corner of the house and designed a sculpture.

And the wind whipped around the corner of the house and designed a sculpture.

As the local weather forecasters wax enthusiastic about even more nasty cold temperatures and heavy snow falls to come in the next week or so, those of us who, in all honesty, loathe winter are forced to find whatever bit of cheer there may be. In my case it’s seeking the light and the patterns found in nature. It’s the best I can do while I wait anxiously for spring, warmer temperatures and colour to return to the fields and forests.

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Stunning September morning

_L2H3457 - Version 2_web

When I looked out my living room window this morning I had to run and grab my camera and get out on the deck. The sun was slowly rising lighting up the early morning mist hanging over the hayfield across the road. The air was cool and drier than it has been for several days and the wind was still – an auspicious start to the annual hot air Balloon Fiesta.

_L2H3460 - Version 2_web

I looked across the field toward the Town of Sussex to see if the balloons had lifted off yet, but it was still too early. I hoped to see them silhouetted against the pink sky. But, it was a little longer before they appeared on the horizon.

_L2H3467 - Version 2_web

The sky began to lighten and the first of many colourful balloons began to emerge, highlighted by the still-rising sun.

_L2H3468 - Version 2_web

Angles changed and as they did the brilliant colours were even more apparent.

_L2H3471 - Version 2_web


Many people regard September as the start of a new year and it makes sense to me. School begins again after the lazy days of summer. Sports change. Autumn leaves begin to turn from faded green to brilliant reds and golds. Clubs and groups start-up again. And the air is different. Gone are the sultry summer days to be replaced by cool, crisp mornings and a clearer sun – a different light. It feels refreshing, like a life renewed. To me, it’s far more fun to celebrate the impending change of season now than in the middle of a bitter, cold winter.

September is stunning, my favourite time of year. I hope you enjoy the rest of the shots I took today while standing on my deck watching the spectacle unfold.

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That moment

As a photographer I have trained myself to really look and see a beautiful scene before setting up and clicking the shutter to capture an image, to wait for the perfect moment in time.  Many times I have found myself taking a deep breath and sighing with pleasure, just enjoying the moment. It may be the subject; it may be the light; but whatever it is it is awe inspiring and fills my heart with joy.

When someone ELSE enjoys the scene the same way it is even more amazing.

Three years ago my husband and I were on vacation on Prince Edward Island. We went after the traditional tourism season and had most of the Island virtually to ourselves. One of my goals was to capture sunrise over the bluff at Cavendish Beach so in the middle of the night, on a cold and blustery morning, I dragged my husband and dog out of our warm cottage to help me schlep my gear over the dunes to the beach. Their secondary job was to help keep my tripod, camera etc. from blowing away while I composed and took the shots. This was a personal project for me and I enjoyed the results – a series of shots beginning before, and lasting through, the rising of the sun exactly where I wanted it – right over the bluff.

While I like all of the images from the series, the whipped waves from the wind and careening seagulls flying around just prior to the sun peeking over the bluff created one of the more satisfying shots.

A few weeks ago a client called me looking for a beach / sea image that might be suitable for a large framed photograph to be given as a gift to some newlyweds as a signature art piece on a wall. Not sure exactly what she was looking for I suggested she poke around my website and see what struck her. Not long afterward she called and said she’d found THE image – one that intrigued, gave lots to look at, told a story, and had depth and texture. It was one of my sunrise series, and one of my personal favourites from that series.

Imagine my joy when, after picking up the package and taking it home, she sent the following message:

“OMG… we unwrapped the picture and we are both speechless. It is beyond stunning. Just beyond.”

Thank you for that and for sharing my joy in the scene. I hope the recipients of your gift are similarly delighted.

Windy, cool, sunrise in October at Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island

Windy, cool, sunrise in October at Cavendish Beach, Prince Edward Island


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March is crawling to an end

Sunrise on Mulberry Lane

Sunrise on Mulberry Lane

As usual, Hoover and I were out walking long before the sun began to rise. His loud enthusiasm for being out with me disturbed a herd of grazing deer, sending them skittering across the field in search of less disturbing company. But as they disappeared into the woods over the rise of the hill, for a brief moment the sky lit up telling me the sun was rising – just before the mat of grey clouds swooped in to hide the light for yet another day.

There is a saying that the best camera is the one you have at the moment so, with that in mind, I grabbed my iPhone and snapped  a shot.  The noise in the picture was extensive so I ran it through Define 2.0 to remove as much of the interference as possible and, for those of you into editing photos, I also played with the Curves adjustment slightly so that what you see now better reflects what I saw then.

Regardless, it was a lovely way to start the day.

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Listening to the dawn – and other lessons

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a Nature Writing workshop with Deborah Carr. Our very first exercise was one of listening and truly hearing the sounds around us. Sitting on a chair in the woods near Trout Stream in the middle of Sussex it was a challenge to block out the roaring sounds of motorcycles, chain saws, dirt bikes and other people and hear the stream, the determined chirping of birds refusing to surrender to the sounds of civilization, and my own heart beat.

The second exercise involved viewing any found object in nature from the perspective of a small child. Since I spend a lot of my time with Hoover, for me it is easier to imagine looking at things from a dog’s perspective – and that adds an element of fun to the exploration.

When we walk together early each morning I try to grab a camera or at least my iPhone to gather memories of what we see. We are often out and about long before the sun peaks over the horizon, smelling the musty earth and waiting, with anticipation, for that firs glimpse of light on the horizon over the Picadilly hills. Once light appears, the mysteries hidden in the dark and mist are revealed – acres of dandelion fluff waiting for a breeze to send each seed forth on its journey – or into the house attached to Hoover’s long coat.

Sometimes, on our way home, as I glance back over my shoulder, the rising sun waves goodbye to us and invites us to return again early tomorrow – before the sounds of civilization intrude so once again we can listen to the sleepy chirping of the wakening birds.

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It was the longest night

Winter Solstice – the longest night of the year precedes the rebirth of daylight. For those of us that crave sunlight, the days and weeks leading up to the 21st / 22nd are a painful progression of increasing darkness. But, with the passing of the moment of Solstice, life takes on fresh feel as moment by moment, each day becomes slightly longer than the one preceding.

Christmas itself is only a couple of days away, and in no time it will be a new year. And by then, we’ll even be able to notice a light increase in the length of the days – something to really look forward to!

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