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The Picture Province

Years ago Tourism New Brunswick used the slogan “Canada’s Picture Province”. Somewhere along the line that slogan was dropped in favour of several variations that essentially said nothing nor gave any reason to stop in what had become Canada’s pass-through province. Tourists on their way to Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island rush through on the lovely 4-lane Trans Canada highway and  are rarely enticed to top and see what we proudly have to offer.

I had visitors from British Columbia today. It was a pleasure to finally meet ‘new’ cousins that I’d been chatting with on Facebook but had never actually meant. Knowing that I am a keen photographer, they asked if I had any poster or prints for sale and it suddenly dawned on me that I rarely showcase those items. So, I’ve created two galleries – one featuring the Fundy Shore from Cape Enrage through Alma and to St. Martins and the Fundy Trail. The second features my home territory in Picadilly, Sussex and around Kings County and its rural lifestyle. I hope you will check out my Maritime Memories galleries for a look at a few of the reasons why this province IS indeed Canada’s Picture Province.

On the Fundy Trail

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Stunning September morning

_L2H3457 - Version 2_web

When I looked out my living room window this morning I had to run and grab my camera and get out on the deck. The sun was slowly rising lighting up the early morning mist hanging over the hayfield across the road. The air was cool and drier than it has been for several days and the wind was still – an auspicious start to the annual hot air Balloon Fiesta.

_L2H3460 - Version 2_web

I looked across the field toward the Town of Sussex to see if the balloons had lifted off yet, but it was still too early. I hoped to see them silhouetted against the pink sky. But, it was a little longer before they appeared on the horizon.

_L2H3467 - Version 2_web

The sky began to lighten and the first of many colourful balloons began to emerge, highlighted by the still-rising sun.

_L2H3468 - Version 2_web

Angles changed and as they did the brilliant colours were even more apparent.

_L2H3471 - Version 2_web


Many people regard September as the start of a new year and it makes sense to me. School begins again after the lazy days of summer. Sports change. Autumn leaves begin to turn from faded green to brilliant reds and golds. Clubs and groups start-up again. And the air is different. Gone are the sultry summer days to be replaced by cool, crisp mornings and a clearer sun – a different light. It feels refreshing, like a life renewed. To me, it’s far more fun to celebrate the impending change of season now than in the middle of a bitter, cold winter.

September is stunning, my favourite time of year. I hope you enjoy the rest of the shots I took today while standing on my deck watching the spectacle unfold.

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A small town remembers…

Standing on guard

From far and wide, hundreds gathered on Broad Street in Sussex to pay their respects to those who had made the ultimate sacrifice and to those who have served, or are still serving, so we can enjoy our freedoms and democracy.

In the quiet a baby cried but no one ‘s head lifted. Parents shushed small children and only the odd cough was heard while we remembered.

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From the inside looking out

From the inside

Sometimes we all really need to take a step back, inhale a really deep breath, and take a fresh look at our own piece of the world. That’s what I, and some friends, did on Sunday. We all live in the Sussex area and, as the saying goes, familiarity breeds contempt – or if not contempt, complacency. We take what is all around us for granted looking to foreign and exotic places for beauty when, in fact, we are surrounded by it!

We met up with members of the Focus Camera Club from Moncton early Sunday morning and spent a wonderful day exploring the area in and around Sussex. Our visitors were delighted with the numerous and beautiful old covered bridges, the remaining fall foliage and the amazing light that filtered through the fog helping everyone to capture beautiful images. Thanks to the heavy rain on Saturday, our trek out to the Waterford Waterworks yielded some lovely pictures of rushing water cascading down both water courses to meet up under the bridge. Several hardy souls ventured down the washed out and trecherous path to the waters edge to get even more dramatic shots.

Next time it will be our turn to let them show us the best there is to see near Moncton one day in the not-too-distant future.

Waterford Waterworks

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