Can you say serendipitous?

A few months ago I took at trip to the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia to visit some friends who live there. One was a high school chum. One was my Freshman-year room mate. And one was someone I met through a shared interest in (at the time) equine journalism.

Jodi and I took a drive through the Valley, over the hills, around some back roads and eventually ended up in the dooryard of #HeatherKnightClothing&Gifts in Springfield, NS. Through Jodi’s Facebook page I’d become acquainted with Heather’s work and I had long admired her wonderful garments, crafted of wool and specializing in tartans with unique embroidery applied.

Since I happen to have a fetish for wolves, I asked if it would be possible to have a Celtic Wolf as an appliqué on a cape that I lusted after. Heather assured me that anything is possible and sure enough – she delivered on that promise!

My custom-designed and created cape arrived yesterday – and I’m ecstatic!

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