The Pen and The Picture

Sometimes several of my favourite things come together into one fabulous month. I love creating photographs that tell stories and commemorate special moments in time. And I love writing stories that expand on those thoughts.

In November’s issue of #AtlanticHorseandPony magazine I had two articles and several photos published – all about some of my favourite things. I wrote about selfless volunteers, generosity, bravery and enduring fortitude. If you haven’t seen (or can’t get) the magazine, you can check out the articles here and on their website as well at

Thank Heavens for Volunteers” – behind the scenes at #FoshayInternational. A story about the folks who keep things running smoothly so competitors can compete, spectators can watch the action safely, and vendors can present their wares to all and sundry.

Volunteers pumping the water left by the torrential rains the day before the event began away to keep the area clean for the hundreds of spectators expected.

A Reason to Live” chronicles the harrowing adventures of an orphan foal who became “Princess Louise”, moving from Italy to New Brunswick, Canada following WWII.

Princess Louise's banner and medals
Princess Louise’s blanket and medals on display at the 8th Canadian Husars regimental Museum in Sussex, NB.

With Remembrance Day happening next week, it’s a timely story of bravery, loyalty and perseverance.

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