A stay home day

This time of year it seems there are more ‘stay home’ days than not. Days when there are no plans, no particular place to go, no specific thing to do.

Brady Gallagher

Then a friend has some appointments to go to and she asks if I’ll puppy-sit for a few hours. Well yeah!

Everyone got in on the act! Joel had fun playing with the little ball of energy and Harley took his role of “big brother” most seriously!

Do we all look happy???

Someone (who shall remain nameless) discovered Harley’s stash of toys and helped herself. Luckily Harley is a gentle soul and really didn’t mind.

Is she gone yet?

Poor guy – he had no rest as he supervised every move that wee Brady took, making sure that she didn’t get into trouble or go anywhere she shouldn’t (not that we cared, but he did). After she left at the end of her visit, he crawled up on the couch and slept for HOURS! Being a big brother is exhausting!

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