The end is in sight!

According to the calendar, we have slightly more than 3 1/2 weeks until the first day of spring – March 20th this year. Yehaw! The end is in sight. Even though Mother Nature may drop a few more storms and centimetres of snow on us yet, it’s bearable because the sun is strong and the temperatures are rising.

For those of us who are less than enthusiastic about the winter months, the (slightly) warmer days and stronger rays from the sun help to banish the doldrums. I even felt inspired to get out and take a few photos this morning. The sun glistening on the snow in the fields around our home was quite enticing – for a while.

Corn field waiting for spring.

I’m looking forward to the chance to go for walks without risking life and limb on the ice or being sprayed with road salt and the detritus of winter by passing vehicles.

The salt and sand is necessary for vehicular safety, but it is ugly on the roadside and one’s clothing.

But away from the ditches, the snow gleams in the bright sunlight as it melts lower exposing the buds on roadside bushes and trees. Spring IS around the corner. The end really IS in sight!

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