Another day goes by

Living in a rural area has its advantages. I can walk down a quiet country road and rarely, if ever, see another human being. Most days I take my dog, Harley, with me. But some days I just go by myself, camera in hand, looking for photographic inspiration. Yesterday was one of those days.

In the ditches beside the road the withered remnants of last autumn’s glory are fading rapidly, making room for new growth soon to appear.

The snow is gone (finally) from the corn fields across from our house. Once the frost is out of the ground and it dries up a bit, the farmer will be along to till the stocks under to fertilize a new crop.

One of my neighbour’s horses was enjoying a snack while basking in the sunshine.

On the other side of the road something had been chiselling away in a hollow tree stump. A woodpecker perhaps? A bit low to the ground for safety.

Meanwhile bud laden branches stretch toward the warming sun, soon to burst forth.

Another neighbour taking advantage of a lovely spring day to give her little dogs some exercise. Obviously we had lots of room for social distancing!

And speaking of that, I wonder where that guy was going with his travel trailer? And why? Legitimate? Or not? There is a prohibition on unnecessary travel in order to protect first responders from unnecessary exposure to potential illness. I hope he had a legit reason for moving his trailer.

I love the tangles of bright red branches at this time of year – a portend of colour to come soon from Mother Nature.

Remember, stay home, stay safe and wash often so you’ll be around to enjoy the coming season!

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