My Country ’tis of thee…

Autumn is my favourite time of year. Here in New Brunswick (Canada), the air is fresh. Although it is hurricane season, the normal breezes are still pleasant. And best of all, the leaves are changing colour from the vibrant green of spring, through the more muted greens and yellows of summer, to the signature red, golds and oranges that mark the arrival of full autumn.

Every hillside looks like a haphazard and colourful quilt as far as the eye can see.

At your feet the tiny purple asters bring colour to the roadsides.

I took a drive on country roads on the way to the #WashedemoakLake to visit friends. It was hard to decide which glorious trees to focus on; the colours were so brilliant in the morning sun.

I much prefer the side roads to the busy highways. There’s less traffic (and less chance of being run over while focusing on creating an image). It’s more peaceful and it’s easier to slow down and actually SEE what is around you.

We are so fortunate to live in an area where the autumn light helps to create beautiful images. On the road to my friend’s home there was a canopy of colour above and around me as I drove in.

The crisp autumn air encourages everyone to to be playful and exuberant. Brady indulged in a good old rip and tear around the yard.

Meanwhile, across the lake….

This IS my country. One that I love passionately, especially at this, the very best time of year. Enjoy the kaleidoscope of colours while they last!

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