The bells will ring out

The sun is rising gradually this morning as we all rush about on Christmas Eve day getting those last minute errands run. It will warm up throughout the day and tomorrow we’re predicted to receive a deluge of rain. In the meantime, lets all enjoy those moments of pleasure that happen.

The day before yesterday one of my dearest friends stopped by with a gift of cheerful flowers that will be the centrepiece for our Christmas dinner. Since my son and his family live far away and can never get here for the holidays (not to mention Covid 19), and my husband’s daughter also lives far away, we’ve been adopted as an extra set of grandparents by my friend’s wonderful family.

The Smyth Family

Another friend stopped by as well with some lovely chocolates from The Country Home Bakery in Sussex Corner. Tasty treats are always appreciated.

It’s been suggested that around the world people should step outside their doors at 6:p.m. and ring bells for two minutes to create a moment of happiness. If it happens, beginning in England and spreading across the globe, imagine the pleasure as hour after hour the bells are ringing. I’ll be on the deck with mine for sure because we can all use a little extra joy this year.

Although it won’t be a ‘white Christmas’ this year, and celebrations will be vastly different with smaller gatherings and less travel, nevertheless it is the season of peace and good will toward others. So let tonight be a silent night, except for the bells and seasonal music. Take this opportunity to spread joy to everyone.

Merry Christmas

to you and everyone you care about!

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