A sunny spring Sunday morning

The thermometer was still reading 0ºC, but the sun was up and shining brightly when I set off for my morning bike ride. I travelled down the hill from our house and, as I picked up speed, I felt the cold breeze stinging colour into my winter-pale cheeks.

At the bottom of the hill I turned onto our local nature trail. After a relatively easy winter followed by minimal flooding (so far), the trail remained relatively unscathed. The only part I saw with any significant damage was just by the turn in the creek.

With no wind blowing, the water was still reflecting the trees whose buds were just beginning to show.

It was a peaceful ride and I only encountered a few other souls who’d ventured out to enjoy the early morning. Two ladies, a couple, and two gentlemen all out for their morning exercise plus two other men walking their dogs. There was barely a sound other than the water flowing over rocks in the creek and assorted birds singing in the bushes.

I covered just under six miles. I love to ride early in the morning when there’s little to know wind or traffic once I’m out on the road.

Riding my bike allows me to go further than “shanks mare” would take me. I see and hear so much and enjoy both the fresh air and exercise.

At home again, the signs of spring were everywhere.

Lilac buds stretching up to the sun.

More little birds clearing up the seeds spilled on the ground beneath the bushes.

Green sprouts in the garden pushing up through the detritus of winter.

And buds on the branches of my double white rose bushes.

Spring is in the air and the scent is settling on the laundry moving on the clothesline buffeted by a light breeze.

It’s a lovely, sunny spring Sunday morning for sure!

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