Late spring in Picadilly

This day began with an overcast morning and showers drizzling down on every surface. The clouds provided a beautiful, soft light that emphasized the gorgeous colours of the flowers in the pretty planter that my friend, Judi, created and gave to me as a gift.

Everybody likes begonias. Whether they are a solid colour like this gorgeous dark pink one, or one colour rimmed with another.

Judi chose to contrast the bright begonias with some lovely yellow and purple petunias reflecting the colours in the hanging baskets on the outside of the deck.

Later in the morning the showers came to a halt, the temperature rose and the skies began to clear. It’s been eons since I took a stroll down Mulberry Lane so I grabbed my camera and headed out.

Last year this was a corn field, but it looks like the farmer has planted grass for hay this year. In the distance you can just begin to see the tops of the hills of Picadilly as the light breeze blew the clouds further away.

On the other side of the road last year’s hayfield is beginning to fill in. The first cut will probably happen later this month or early in July. When you have hundreds of cows to feed through the winter, every blade of grass counts.

Back at home after my walk I paused to enjoy our little lot. The flaming bush (on the left) that my cousin, Judy Hutton, gave us has grown from a 6″ high cutting to a lovely shrub. The perennial bed is doing well, as are the rose bushes (front right). When we first moved here ten years ago it was a hard-scrabble lot filled with weeds, no gardens and little to make it appealing to the eye. We’ve worked hard to turn it into a small oasis.

Summer will be here later this month but this hiatus between early spring, when things are just beginning to grow, and the heat of summer is a delight. Colours are brilliant. Scents are strong. Winds are fresh bringing the promise of lazy days ahead. Enjoy.

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