Summertime (almost) and the (bike) riding is easy!

I bought an e-bike last year and it has opened a whole new world for me. We live the top of a steep hill and if it weren’t for the assistance from the battery, there’s no way I’d make it home.

I love my bike. With it, I get to experience things I’d never notice from a speeding car window. As I cruise along, I inhale the scent of roses and lilacs from people’s gardens. When I pedal through our local nature trail, the musky smell of the forest penetrates my senses.

This morning, as I pedalled along the trail adjacent to Trout Creek, two young deer sauntered across in front of me, heading to the bank for a drink. They weren’t at all intimidated by my very quiet bike – just a quick glance back and off they went at a leisurely pace. Closer to home I saw two mature deer grazing in a hay field. Again, the glanced up and then went back to their snack – not at all bothered by my presence at the edge of the road. I’ve tried stopping my car on the side of the road but grazing deer leap promptly into the nearby woods.

Most drivers are quite considerate – giving me the required space required by “Ellen’s Law”. Very few, however, are ever willing to slow down and wait behind me until they have a clear view ahead to pass safely. Many just “gun ‘er” and whip by. That’s a bit terrifying. The worst seem to be young women. Interestingly, transport truck drivers tend to be the most courteous – giving me the necessary space and passing at a respectable speed so as not to suck me and my bike in under their trucks (it would make SUCH a mess!). No one is in such a rush to get to their destination that it’s worth someone else’s life.

Now, home safely, I’m going to enjoy the rest of my day! Hope you do too!

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