2021Teddy Bears’ Picnic

Yesterday my best friend and I set out on our annual #ExploreNB day trip. We each packed a picnic lunch, sunscreen and other necessities and headed off to check out the sights in Albert County, New Brunswick.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that, although she’d lived here in NB for DECADES, she’d never been to#FundyNationalPark nor to the famed #HopewellRocks on the #BayofFundy.

When we left Sussex the sky was overcast and as we drove through the Park, the fog was just beginning to lift off the Bay.

We stopped at the lookout facing the Bay but, although we COULD see the outline of the shoreline of Nova Scotia, it was mostly obliterated by the fog.

Still, we took the time to enjoy the view before heading on down the road to the charming fishing village of #Alma.

The fog was lifting beyond the breakwater and climbing the cliff surrounding the harbour.

You can rent kayaks to explore the shoreline, but this poor dog broke my heart as I heard him whining and squealing in fear as his owner worked at paddling back to shore. He wasn’t enjoying the experience.

We drove on to #TheHopewellRocks and parked our car – one of the few with NB license plates surrounded by visitors from Quebec and Ontario, with a smattering from Nova Scotia. We grabbed our picnic lunches and settled down at a shaded table under some trees to enjoy our feast before heading into the park to explore. From a lookoff high above the ocean floor we spied more kayakers paddling back to shore against the falling tide. Our timing was excellent.

With the tide receding and the fog lifting, you can just see Grindstone Island on the horizon. According to my father, who was raised in the area, my great-uncle was once the lighthouse keeper on that Island that is now protected by the Nature Conservancy as a shorebird breeding sanctuary.

After taking in the view from the top, we walked down a charming, shaded path to where we could see the ocean floor, the “flower pot rocks”, and people taking advantage of low tide to explore beneath the monoliths.

Our 2021 version of our “Teddy Bears’ Picnic” was deemed a success by both of us as we climbed back into the car for the drive home. Being close to the bay, with a light breeze blowing in off the water, we were able to avoid the breath sucking heat (well over 30ºC and no breeze) that awaited us back in Sussex.

If you haven’t explored your own back yard, please do. There’s lots to see and enjoy!

Bestie Alison enjoying her day out and about!

And so did I!


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