Sunny Sunday in Jemseg, NB

Back in 2018 the first Foshay International Event was held on the Stevenson’s property beside the beautiful St. John River at Jemseg, NB. It was a huge success drawing a cadre of excellent competitors and packing the grounds with enthusiastic spectators. The second Event, in 2019, was even better. Then, Covid. There was no event in 2020.

With many travel restrictions still in place, no large Event was planned for this year, either. However, to give local riders a chance to experience at least some of the atmosphere and ride at this gorgeous venue, a Combined Test was held on September 5th on the Foshay International grounds.

A combined Test includes riding a Dressage test and then riding a jumper course. The Cross Country portion of an Event is not included.

Since the original Event in 2018, the Gagetown Ferry has been returned to service. For some of the horses, seeing the radio mast of the ferry as it went back and forth across the river with its loads of vehicles and tourists proved to be somewhat unnerving.

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First into the ring, at the Starter Division, was Robbie Stevenson on Thunderpants.

Next up, Ingrid Tremplay on Pappy Van Winkle

Last entry in this Division was Cassidy Walsh riding Oopsie Daisy.

Janelle Finnegan and Spartek were the only competitors the Entry Level Division

Rob and Mike keeping an eye on things

There were two entries in the Pre-Training Division. First up was Kate Currie on Mighty Murphy

Next up was Hannah Verboom riding Ruby Tuesday

Between Divisions volunteers hastened onto the course to adjust the height of jumps and distances between them.

Next up were the four entries in the Training Division. First was Emilie Murphy on Jorrock’s Galena.

Then came Grace Stevenson on Ever So Clever. Regretfully there was a small camera malfunction and there are no shots of Grace’s stellar jumping round.

Ruby Finnegan on Bewitched was third into this division.

Morgan Killingbeck on Captain’s Fire Brigade rounded out the field.

Preliminary was the final (and highest) Division. Abbey Alexander and Inari challenged that level.

Rob Stevenson reviewing the course with Judge Alison Gallagher

It was a truly magnificent day – perfect weather (warm but not hot), sun with a few clouds to keep it comfortable, and a beautiful setting for all to enjoy.

Geese migrating past the grounds

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