Another ‘horsey’ week-end; camera in hand

The last two weeks have been FILLED with horse-related events, and I’ve been loving it. Last week-end was the Explore Eventing Championships at Peekaboo Corner. Mid-week it was a wonderful visit to #ShiningHorizonsTherapeuticRidingAssociation in Saint John. And over the week-end, I enjoyed dressage competition at the #PrincessLouiseParkShowCentre in Sussex.

You looking’ at ME?

Although autumn is just around the corner (September 22nd), Saturday was hot and humid. Still, it was a great day to play with some horse images. Sunday was even better – a little cooler and less humid.

Mylene looks more worried than Roulette about Steward Dawn Brown measuring the tightness of the noseband using a new, experimental gizmo from Equine Canada. (It was fine.)

The warm-up ring outside had a steady stream of horses and riders getting ready for their turn in competition.

Whole families of “fans” come to watch and support “their” rider(s).

The Smyth’s!

The last week-end of summer was a good one! Here comes autumn!

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