Can it really be November?

I turned the page on the calendar this morning and it said “November”. When I set out for a walk along the Nature Trail leaving from Sullivan Park in Sussex Corner, NB, the sun was shining and in short order I was perspiring. I was definitely overdressed wearing a sweatshirt AND a lined jacket. The temperature soared into the mid-teens very quickly.

Although most of the trees have shed their fall foliage, carpeting the woodland floor, a few tenacious leaves are still clinging to some of the trees.

One tree stood tall in all of its glory displaying its remaining golden leaves in the bright sunlight.

On other trees one or two solitary leaves displayed themselves to passersby.

Despite a bit of rain, the water in Trout Creek was barely covering the pebbles.

But it still reflected the gorgeous clear blue sky.

Local children (well, I assume it is kids) occasionally leave painted rocks along the pathway or contribute to the “Fairy House” just past the junction of two trails. Today I spied this one perched on a trail marker.

It was a gorgeous morning for a stroll and I’m glad I went, camera in hand.

I can’t imagine that there’ll be many more days like this one, so I thought I’d share the view with you while it lasts.

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