Live boldly – and show no fear

Women who choose to live body and stride through life showing no fear are often ridiculed both by men and some other women who have no idea how brave these women really are.

Living boldly, to me, means deciding what you want in life – education, job, family, friends, creativity, adventures. It means choosing those things that bring one a sense of fulfillment, joy and accomplishment. It doesn’t necessarily mean publicly acknowledged accolades. Rather, it’s accepting one’s results internally.

Like this poor, battered violet blooming in mid-December on a rock pile in my yard, living boldly means challenging oneself – to do more, do better, be better – not more than anyone else, but more than you were before.

Living boldly doesn’t mean having no fear. it means going down the road of life anyway to see what lies around the bend.

Cheers – Santé – Saúde to all those who who boldly go…….through hell and keep on going!

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