Seeking Solitude

Solitude, seclusion, isolation -the positive and negative sides of the same thing – a lack of contact with people. I sometimes seek solitude by choice. I will grab my camera and either walk or hop on my bicycle and head down a trail or a country road, revelling in the peace and quiet while enjoying the scenery or even the tiny things I see in passing.

For me, solitude is not loneliness or a bad thing – it’s a time of reflection and relaxation.

For many, however, it is a negative experience – it defines the pain of being alone, the essence of loneliness, the proof of rejection, the result of some form of punishment.

Today is “Let’s Talk” about mental health day so the topic in our blogging challenge is appropriate.

Solitude is not isolation, unless it’s enforced on someone or it’s not what they want. For many, isolation is a form of torture.

For others, solitude is restorative. Many people are over-stimulated by too many other people, too much contact, intrusive media and a break to seek and relax in solitude is what’s needed.

Perhaps because I was raised as an only child and my companions were often books or pen and paper, I crave solitude like a drowning person craves air. When I sit on a rock by a stream and dig out a notebook and pen or grab my camera to explore the area around me, I am at peace. This is where I think, relax and rejuvenate.

I seek solitude in nature.

1 thought on “Seeking Solitude

  1. Solitude for every individual differs. Here is my solitude


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