Sunshine and warmth make me happy!

I headed out on my bike this morning for a jaunt through our local Walking/Biking Trail. It was a gorgeous, sunny and warm morning. As I rode through the trails I stopped a couple of times to chat with people who were intrigued by my #RAD Rover e-bike and I also stopped to listen to Trout Creek burbling over the rocks beside the trail. In one spot I discovered a lone daffodil raising its face to the sun, just like me.

Close beside it was a carpet of wee bluets standing proud amidst the spring greenery and the remnants of autumn on the forest floor.

As I pedalled my bike up the long, long hill toward home, I had to stop and capture an image of a roadside garden in front of someone’s home – the daffodils were stunning, waving happily in the breeze.

When I got home, I got “the look” from Lucy, the cat, as much as to say, “What did you bring for me?”

After reassuring her that all was well, I headed out to check and see how my garden is faring in the slow onset of spring. We spent some time this morning getting our deck planters organized and some vegetables, herbs and flowers started.

it’s a joy to watch the season unfold and get ready for the next few months of warmth, sunshine and time on the deck.

One lone tulip

Two years ago I had a bouquet of tulips. When they were spent, I took their remains out to the bushes at the edge of our property and left them there. Last year one grew and bloomed in the depths of the shrubbery and I thought – well, that’s unusual. I certainly didn’t expect a repeat performance but lo and behold, this year, the determined plant came back!

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