The denouement stage of summer

We’ve passed the peak of the season, but if the temperature today and for the next several days is an indication, the heat will remain for quite a while yet.

Petunia shining in the sun

I took the opportunity, over the past couple of days, to capture images around the yard proving, once again, that one need not travel huge distances to find things of beauty to admire, enjoy and photograph.

Cherry tomato

Some things I planted just ‘because’ – they’re pretty, they make me happy and they add colour to an otherwise all-green space. Others I plant for nourishment, like this cherry tomato plant that is now laden with ripening fruit.

Sunflowers are such happy faces in the garden. The local bees love them too!

One of many more about to bloom

In fall, the seeds from the sunflowers will help to feed the over-wintering birds that frequent our area.


I love parsley and put it in or on almost everything I cook or prepare for meals. It, and its companion basil, lend an enticing aroma both to the garden on the deck and the kitchen!

Brown-eyed Susan about to bloom
One of its neighbours opened up to pose for me!
And there will be more!

My little patch of brown-eyed Susans started out small but has expanded to fill in an entire corner of the garden! Not bad from a handful of seeds!

At this time of year, I enjoy the sight, sound and smells that emanate from the earth, shrubbery and their inhabitants. We are fortunate to have a family (or two) of hummingbirds, some robins, doves, crows and other birds that visit on a regular basis, serenading me as I lounge on the deck on these warm days. The dog days of summer mean taking time to relax, breathe deeply and slowly, and enjoy getting outside for any reason at all.

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