Autumn meanderings

After nasty hurricane Fiona passed through our area, leaving many communities throughout Atlantic Canada devastated, it was a relief to see sunshine yesterday. I headed out early on my bicycle to see if there’d been much damage in our area and was happily surprised to see that it wasn’t bad.

Trout Creek, #Sussex Walking Trail

Pedalling through the #SussexNatureTrail I saw that Trout Creek had been refilled from its summer low thanks to the rainfall associated with the storm.

The sky was clear and blue and the rising sun broke through the tree canopy at just the right moment. The only damage I saw on my trip included a few broken branches on trees and one larger tree that was felled by the storm and landed across the pond loop of the trail, blocking passage. We were SO lucky. My heart breaks for those in areas where homes, cottages and boats were wrecked, washed out to sea or filled with water. The interest is awash with images by people in those areas and it’s heartbreaking.

After I got home, I decided to take a trip up to the #WashademoakLake to visit a friend. Trees along the roadside have started to adorn themselves with autumn colours, many starting to sport the lovely red colours we associate with hardwoods!

Most birds have headed south. Our hummingbirds are long gone and I no longer hear the squawk of large flocks of geese. They usually take a break in the hay and corn fields near our house, but it’s been a while since I heard them.

Many, however, like to spend time on or near the Washedemoak Lake. As I drove along I discovered a small family of geese who had yet to pack their bags for the jaunt. Hopefully, they’ll be on their way soon. In the meantime, they were happily waddling around on the grass, snacking on whatever they could find.

Autumn is truly here.

1 thought on “Autumn meanderings

  1. Wonderful Autumn, love.


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