The long road

A few months ago a friend of mine introduced me to the “Yoga Barn” and instructor Daralyn. It has been a life-changing experience as I’ve struggled to improve my balance, general fitness level and peace of mind. Plus, the studio is out in the country – waaaayyy out in the country. But, it’s worth the jaunt.

On a frosty October morning, the trip out itself is fulfilling as I enjoyed seeing just how much frost was on the ground and in the bushes and trees. The autumn colours are spectacular right now too!

Every type of plant, shrub, tree, weed and grass was rimmed with frost glistening in the sunshine!

The hills were dressed in the brilliant colours of the season highlighted by the sun.

Along the sides of the road, deep in the dark woods, the colours intensified when beams of sunshine filtered through the forest.

In the stream that passes under the dirt road out to the studio, the water was a mirror for Mother Nature’s painting.

The higher you drive toward the studio, the more frost you see decorating plants at the roadside, grass in the meadows and on the hillsides.

On the way home after yoga class, the views of the distant hills cause you to pause, step outside and take a deep breath of the crisp, clean air.

At the Waterford Waterworks, Trout Creek is running well after the recent rains, the sound of falling water soothing the soul

Below the falls the creek is calm as it wends its way past my friend’s home.

A road well worth travelling.

2 thoughts on “The long road

  1. Wonderful pictures that show the cool air… happy you found an exercise for you! Yoga is good…


  2. Beautiful photos as always. The fall colours are beautiful.


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