It’s limping to an end…

Although fall isn’t technically over until mid-December, now is the time of year when the winds are strong, the rains torrential and the leaves are unable to cling to the trees much longer. Then, we’ll enter that most dismal of months, November, when the world is dull, gray and cold with nothing visually appealing until there’s a fresh coat of white snow on the ground and bright winter sun to lighten things up.

There are still a few leaves clinging to stems juxtaposed against the evergreen trees behind them. Even a bit of remaining colour is both appreciated and loved!

As the days continue to get shorter and colder, anything that radiates colour and warmth appeals to me. Our “burning bush” in the front yard will hold its colour well into winter, thank goodness.

Meanwhile, inside the house, our cat Lucy is doing what cats do – nesting, yawning and being content to stay inside where it is warm, dry and she’s sheltered from the wind.

Harley is similarly content to hang out in our nice bright kitchen where the sun comes through the window and the occasional tidbit falls to the floor!

Enjoy the days of sunshine and pretty colours while they last!

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