Hello November!

Normally, at this time of year, the weather is grey, cold and dismal. This year is a total anomaly. The sun’s been shining every day and the temperatures are WAY above normal – peaking at around 20ºC with high humidity.

The trees have shed most of their leaves, with the bright red and orange ones being the first to drop to the ground while the golden ones still cling to some trees reflecting sunlight.

Still, the grass beneath the leaves and in the fields remains a vibrant green; it still hasn’t turned to washed-out brown that would be normal at this time of year.

Today I went meandering – seeking images that depict what is normally a rather dismal month, although not so this year. I roamed around Picadilly and then, on a whim, decided to explore the Parlee Brook Road. I’ve never turned onto that road before and I was pleasantly surprised as I drove along. The sound of the brook babbling over the rocks was incredibly soothing when I stopped by the road and walked the banks of the brook checking for image possibilities.

All around me clustered of leaves clung to the bare branches of trees – not yet ready to surrender to the coming season despite the strong winds blowing them back and forth.

Downstream from the mini waterfall, the brook slowed as it meandered through the rocks on its way toward Sussex.

Some foliage retained its brilliant autumn coloration.

In my own front yard my burning bush is still ‘burning’ brilliantly while at its side, other trees have shed their leaves to shrivel and die on the ground, branches left bare awaiting the arrival of the next season!

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