Back to ‘normal’ today

So, the holiday season is winding down. Many people have already tucked their seasonal decorations away for another year. I love the soft glow of the extra lights so I hold off on dismantling my tree and other decorations as long as I can. January and February (even though it’s technically a short month, it always feels much longer) are usually cold, dismal and long, so keeping a few extra things around to be bright and cheery really helps.

Whatever it takes to keep the “cheer” going is probably a good thing, right? There’s something sad about taking everything down and putting it away leaving your plain room unadorned. I’m not a total fan of decorating for each season, but doing things to brighten a room and keep the atmosphere on the lighter side is a great idea. Now to think of something I can do that will serve that purpose. Hmmmm.

In the meantime… while waiting for the days to lengthen significantly…

Keep on keeping on…

1 thought on “Back to ‘normal’ today

  1. My favorite of your photos is the butterfly. It will certainly brighten the rpm.

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