Victoria Day Ramblings

It was a nippy (4ºC and windy) start to the holiday Monday here in New Brunswick. Nevertheless, I headed out on my bicycle for an 11km tour of my home town, beginning with a pedal through the Sussex Nature Trail.

Riding through the woods, I was a little sheltered from the cool breeze early in the morning. At that time of day here are few others using the trail and I could enjoy listening to the birds chirping, the leaves in the trees rustling and the musky scent of the damp earth beside me.

I parked beside the pond and opened up my camera bag. When I was on the retreat last week I received a gift pack that included a little buoy/bouée as a memento of our visit to St. Andrews. That small ornament has become a symbol to me for meditation and he now travels in my camera bag to remind me to slow down, relax, take in the sights, sounds and smells around me and let myself create.

I put him on the bench facing the pond so he could enjoy the sun, warmth and view!

The sun was shining down through the trees right onto these exploding bullrushes / cat tails.

It’s a wonderful (if cool) time of year. Apple trees are resplendent with blossoms of varying shades of pink and the sweet scent wafts through the air attracting bees and photographers.

Some of the branches stand alone against the sky, buffeted by the wind.

After I finished by bike ride, I hopped in the car and headed up to the Washademoak Lake to visit my bestie who lives there. Buoy and I stopped at the top of the Kierstead Mountain hill to enjoy the vista all the way to Grand Lane!

Then we headed off to my friend’s home at Cody’s. Her tiered garden is just beginning to come alive.

And the view from her deck is spectacular as it overlooks the lush grass, trees and lake.

When it was time to head home, this little fellow stopped by to say ‘farewell’. All in all, it was a lovely way to ramble through a holiday Monday.

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