Your Personal Brand Photographer

People connect with people and buy from those they know and trust

Get the fresh images you need to build those relationships so you can enjoy your life and save time!

Your clients want to get to know you – as a person with a life beyond the internet. Genuine images of you and the people and things that are important to you help to build that relationship.

Real, not stock, images

Revealing who you are through personal, but professional, photographs opens the door to more clients for you.

Your clients are looking for an honest and genuine connection. Your photos on social media should be a true extension of who you are and tell the story of you!

Show your audience that you connect with their emotions and values.

Make time for life!

Time is a limited commodity. Instead of worrying about remembering to grab a ‘selfie’ to post on Instagram or Facebook, spend quality time with the people you care about. Every three months we would do a custom photo shoot and you could have 60 days or more worth of images to choose from to tell your stories through your social media pages. Then you can focus on your family and friends doing the things that make you all happy.

Not sure that YOU need Personal Brand Photography?

Check out what Sandra McLemore, a travel expert and TV host, says about how she 10x’d her business by hiring a professional Personal Brand Photographer.
In this interview with my mentor, Jamie Thomas, she explains how it happened, how she uses her photos, and why she thinks professional photography is absolutely essential! Watch now!

You’ll look great

My specialty is making you look and feel relaxed and natural, even if being in front of a camera normally makes you nervous. Let me capture your spirit in photographs that tell the authentic story of who you are.

Sound good so far?

Now’s a great time to check out some more of my work in the gallery below. That’ll give you some idea of what you can expect from working with me.

If you’re already sure that Personal Brand Photography is what you need, let me know! Just click right here: Learn More

Melissa … Thank you Ceci!
I had a blast and I am super happy how all the photos turned out!

I am accepting only FOUR PBP clients this year!

Personal Brand Photography is very intense for me so I am only going to accept four clients in this program.

That way I can give each of you the individual and focused attention you deserve. We will be in contact throughout the year because the program involves a 12-month contract and four photoshoots during that time. To book a consultation now, or for more information, click Learn More.

“Today I had a shoot with Ceci Snow doing some photos for my website and posts. She suggested a picture of Ron and I together at the end! Of course we had a couple of additions. If you are looking for branding photos for your business she is your gal!”

Barb Fletcher, owner of Purposed Potential
“We help people discover and live the lives they meant to live!”

Hi. I’m Ceci and I want to be your personal brand photographer. I help my clients put their best foot – er – face forward on social media through my photography.

Having a Personal Brand Photographer takes the pressure off of you to constantly be remembering to grab selfies or snapshots because you’ll always have a stock of fresh personal images to use. Although everyone these days is a ‘photographer’, the types of images that you need to present yourself well to your clients won’t come from quick ‘snaps’ with a cell phone.

As an entrepreneur you need images that allow you to connect with your clients and present your services or products in the best possible, but still authentic, light. Those photos that tell the story of who you are, what you do and what’s important to you allow you to build a relationship with both existing and potential clients.

That means business growth for you!

And that’s where I come in. Let me help you. My expertise in photography and working closely with my clients will ensure that you have those natural, relaxed images that will communicate with YOUR clients.

As I mentioned before, I’m only taking a very few clients in this program. If you’d like to be one of them, now is the time to book your spot!

For more details, Contact Me Now and I’ll be in touch with you to answer all of your questions and make an appointment.

You can reach me by email at:

by Text at 506-644-8209

on Facebook via or through Messenger

or by Telephone at 506-644-8209.

Send me an email

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