Mid winter blah

Despite the lovely pinkish sunrises at this time of year, the bitterly cold temperatures do nothing to encourage me to spend much time outdoors. Somehow I just want to curl up under a blanket on the couch with my dog and the TV remote.

Guilt, however, did inspire me to at least pick up my camera!

Peace Lily in bloom.

Three years ago a friend gave me a lovely Peace Lily plant as a birthday gift. My reputation as the kevorkian of the houseplant world led her to seek out one that I couldn’t kill easily. Apparently she was given good advice. Despite re-potting it last summer, it has survived and thrived. It is my symbol of hope during the miserable, dark and cold days of winter!

It’s multi-hued and shiny leaves add both colour and cheer to my world. Spring WILL come and with it warmth, sunshine and time to enjoy the great outdoors again. In the meantime, Thanks again Gina!

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