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As the song says, ‘break free’ from the every day constraints if you want to be truly creative and productive in your life. Like many people, I usually start my day poking around on Facebook. I read posts. I make posts. I play a few games and then, later on, get on with my day.

This morning I followed a link to a story that may just change my approach. https://medium.com/the-mission/starting-your-day-on-the-internet-is-damaging-your-brain-3d10c67388a0

According to this article from 2017, spending the first few hours of your day on the internet is the intellectual equivalent of feeding junk food to your brain. It makes a lot of sense.

On the other hand, I do enjoy my early morning social interactions with my friends. It’s nice to know what’s happening in their worlds too.

Perhaps a compromise is in order. A little less time on FB and a little more time on other pursuits. We’ll see how that works out. Meantime – I’m off to perform a few exercises and then eat a decent breakfast. Have a good day and enjoy the article! I got a kick out of the writer’s comment that “Believe me the irony that you’re reading this on the internet is not lost on me.”

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