Birthdays – lots of them

A lovely personalized painting by my talented sister-in-law, Pat Martin.

In our family, March is a time for birthdays – lots of them. The calendar is full. But today is MINE. Since Joel and I both have birthdays this month, and neither of us really needs a WHOLE birthday cake, we just make one and share it. Luckily we can agree on the flavour and frosting – dark chocolate with boiled icing – with which to celebrate our joint occasions.

Not snow-capped peaks (although it could happen today), 7-Minute Icing.

There’s something about the marshmallow texture and flavour of that whipped, boiled frosting adorning a cake that is irresistible.

No one needs to burn the house down with far-too-many candles, so one bright light will serve the purpose.

Harley wanted to join the party but had to settle for a wee lick of icing from my finger tip. Chocolate isn’t good for dogs – not that we used that as an excuse to hoard it all for ourselves – no not really.

Or maybe????

The sugar rush is something else… but it was delicious. I think we’ll save the rest for tomorrow or a few more tomorrows!

I’m grateful for the many, many good wishes I received by email, snail mail and via Facebook. It’s nice to know that you’re thought of, fondly, by friends and family. I’m also delighted with the new Fuji macro lens that also will work beautifully as a portrait lens. Thank you, Joel! Now to come up with something for you by mid-month. Hmmmmm.

1 thought on “Birthdays – lots of them

  1. Beautiful images and words!That cake looks awesome.That’s our favourite too.Happy birthday to both of you and many happy returns of the day!Enjoy.


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