Amazing friends

Peach rose closeup

Birthdays always cause us to pause and assess where our lives are and are going. For me it’s a time to be incredibly grateful for the amazing friends (including my best friend, my hubby) that are in my life.

Pink rose opening

One friend, whose life is beyond busy with four children, a hobby farm and a family business to run, somehow found the time to drop in with a sweet bouquet of cheery flowers and a lovely card that brought tears to my eyes. She thinks I’m a good friend – I know that SHE is.

birthday card

Another friend who is also busy with life, commitments, and so much more, also found the time to send flowers – this time from the talented hands of Pam Goold at Goold’s Flowers in Sussex. The vase was stuffed with colour and fragrance to simply make my day brighter.

Now I am delighted to have not one, but two lovely floral arrangements to help while we wait for spring to arrive!

Lens Ball image
Another toy!

Another good friend gave me a Lens Ball as a birthday gift so my next experiment will be to use it to capture more flower shots from a different perspective – perhaps combined with the excellent macro lens that the aforementioned hubby gave me for the occasion.

Peace Lily bud
Peace Lily flower

A couple of years ago another friend gave me a Peace Lily plant. Normally plants commit suicide when given to me but this one is of hardy stock and is still growing and flowering for me – making a great subject for a macro lens!

Harley, black poodle,

And of course, Harley has supervised everything, making my birthday celebrations, and every day, complete.

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  1. Gorgeous flowers, beautiful images and thoughts. Sue

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