Magick & Myths

Old friends and new came together at the Mystic Moons shop on Main St., Moncton, this afternoon to celebrate Ann Brennan’s book, “The Faery Chronicles”.

Rayanne Brennan

Ann’s daughter, Rayanne, served as “MC” for the event that included readings from The Faery Chronicles and other books and lively discussions about all things mystical and magical, especially the faeries.

Ann Brennan, PhD

Experience showed as Ann read confidently and then spoke at length about her personal connection to ‘the old country’ (Ireland, for those not in the know). She talked about the generations before her that were connected to the land and who sensed the presence of the faery folk on both sides of the ocean. The audience was spell bound.

She also encouraged people to slow down, breathe deeply, and allow ourselves to reconnect to the basic elements of life and the basis of all Celtic lore – earth, air, fire and water. Sounds sensible to me.

All in all it was a lovely afternoon. I was delighted to see old friends and meet new ones and I’m totally looking forward to reading the book. Thanks for sharing your story and your life, Ann.

1 thought on “Magick & Myths

  1. It was a beautiful and meaningful event. Thank you for sharing.


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