Sunshine makes a difference

A small roadside waterfall near Bloomfield, NB

After yesterday’s mega-rant I was thrilled to see glimpses of blue sky and sunshine today. So, I loaded up my camera and headed out to see what I could find to shoot.

Waterford Waterworks, NB

I ended up in Waterford, NB, just beyond Poley Mountain. Needless to say, after weeks of wretched rain, the ski hill is closed. The streams and rivers, however, are flowing hard and fast with the spring run-off.

At the Waterford Waterworks two streams come together before heading down toward Sussex. During the summer months you can easily wade in either of them – a practice not recommended at the moment.

Although I would have liked to get right down to water level, the path is extremely narrow and right now the footing is both wet and slippery. I wasn’t about to risk life, limb and camera gear in pursuit of my idea!

On my way home I found a few young deer grazing in a field along side of the road. There are springs of green grass peeking through the matted leftovers from the seemingly long and very soggy winter.

Sadly, torrential rain is supposed to return tonight and continue into tomorrow making the flooding situation for those anywhere near the St. John River basin worse again. I expect it will be a stay home and cuddle with my buddy, Harley, tomorrow so I’m glad I got “out and about” today.

Batten down the hatches, folks!

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