Goodbye April, Hello warmth?

Hostas tentatively poking their heads up toward the sun

After Joel cleared the detritus of winter from our meagre garden bed I found small signs of hope despite the incessant cold temperatures that won’t let go. All four of my hosta plants survived this endless winter and ridiculously damp spring.

Remnants of Rosehips

The rose bushes are looking a little worse for wear, but even they have some stems that are showing signs of life and hope for growth again this year.

Leaf buds on rose bush branches

Similarly, the white lilac tree is getting ready to spread it’s leaves and showcase it’s lovely blossoms in a month, or two, if the temperatures ever rise!

White lilac tree buds

While I was out in the yard playing with my macro lens, the wind was howling and it felt more like winter than spring, despite the bright sunlight.

Buds on the tree by the ditch

Everywhere I looked branches were reaching skyward offering light and meagre warmth from the sun to their buds in anticipation of the coming season.

While on the lawn the remnants of last autumn are dry and shrivelling to crumble and become fertilizer for this year’s growth.

May will arrive tomorrow and with any luck she’ll kick the cold, damp weather to the curb so we can all get outside without bundling up in too many layers of clothes and enjoy the season. Goodbye April. I hope your showers will, indeed, bring May flowers!

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