First long week-end of the season

The Victoria Day week-end here in Canada is always thought of as the first long week-end of the summer season, even though summer won’t officially arrive for another month. This year summer seems like a far off hope. It is cold, cloudy and raining.

Sunrise from my deck

So, with that in mind, I decided to share a few images created on brighter, cheerier days. Editing gives me something creative to do on this dismal day.

A few days ago we actually saw sun at sunrise.
Scavenging raven

While walking our dog, Harley, down Mulberry Lane I saw some ravens picking their way through the stubble of last year’s corn field, no doubt hoping for a tasty snack.

Meanwhile, the hayfields behind the corn field are beginning to show hints of green – a harvest in the making.

Bent pine in Picadilly.
Cheery hanging basket

Friends gave me a cheery hanging basket as a Mother’s Day gift. The temperatures are still so chilly that we have to put in the garage each night to prevent frost damage! Oh spring – where are you?

Brave blossoms under the bushes at the edge of the lawn

Despite the clouds and colder temperatures, leaves are beginning to appear on the trees and bushes. There is hope.

Even the rose bushes are trying hard to get ready to push double white blossoms for all to enjoy. Spring is elusive this year – but we can always hope that warmth and sunshine will arrive – and stay for a while.

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