Around Albert County

Wolf Lake, #FundyNationalPark

To celebrate the Victoria Day long week-end, despite the gray skies and damp air, my friend Mary and I set out for a day trip on the Studio Tour route. Although the side roads in New Brunswick are in dire need of repair, it’s still a lovely jaunt as long as you take your time and avoid the larger, rim bending, pot holes. No place for speed and besides, if you go that way, you’ll want to enjoy the views.

Grindstone Island lighthouse in the distance from New Horton, NB. My great grandfather (or it might have been a great uncle) was once the lighthouse keeper there.

We took the loop off route 915 in Harvey to Mary’s Point. I was surprised to see a brand new interpretive centre getting ready to open next month. It’s a way for people to learn about the shore birds that live or travel through the area.

“While huddled together, resting birds are particularly vulnerable to predators, people and pets, and highly sensitive to any disturbance. It is important that shorebirds be able to conserve their energy be-tween feedings. The slightest intrusion may send them aloft, thereby depleting precious energy stores needed for the 72-hour non-stop flight to northeastern South America”
For more information contact the Canadian Wildlife ServicePO Box 6227, 17 Waterfowl Lane, Sackville, NB E4L 1G6

Then we discovered Studio on the Marsh. It’s a lovely spot, at the junction of Route 915 and the Mary’s Point Road, overlooking the marsh, and featuring the artwork and crafts of several local artists. They also offer professional matting and framing services. It’s well worth the stop! Plan to spend some time (and probably some money!) perusing the displays.

Before leaving the marsh area, we stopped by the roadside so I could capture these shots of a heron looking for its lunch. They’re elusive creatures, but on this trip we saw this fellow as well as geese, ducks, loons and so much more.

We wrapped up the adventure driving through Riverside-Albert where we stopped briefly to check out the Spring Horse Show at the Exhibition Grounds (it was PACKED!), a quick peek at Broadleaf Ranch, lunch just past the world famous Hopewell Rocks and one other studio stop at “Wendy Johnston Pottery and Art Effects Fine Craft Gallery” on Route 114 just across the road from the Albert County Museum.

Then we headed through Hillsborough, Riverview, Coverdale, Salisbury, River Glade and on home to Sussex. It was, as they say here, a ‘large’ day. Hope you enjoyed YOUR long week-end.

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