First summer week-end

Welcome to the first week-end of summer! Although Mother Nature isn’t doling out a lot of warmth yet, and the wind is a bit wild, the sun is shining!

leaf lettuce
Leaf lettuce

Although I’m not much of a gardener, I do enjoy fresh produce, so I have planters on my deck rail. The sun has made them all VERY happy as the leaf lettuce replenishes itself and reaches to the sky!

Meanwhile, the herbs (basil, lemongrass, chives and mint) are thriving!


Hanging baskets on the side of the deck are laden with blossoms and fruit!

And in the yard the garden is revelling in the sun, the air laden with the scent of roses about to bloom and lilacs.

When I started the garden a few years ago we planted 4 hostas. They have gone berserk this year spreading over three feet wide – each.


Summer is such a peaceful, if short, season. Even Harley was, for once, willing to sit still and pose for me.

If the rest of the season is as pleasant as this first official week-end of summer, then life is definitely good!

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