Summer is fleeting

The weather forecast called for hot and humid with the possibility of thunder storms and heavy rain interspersed with sunny breaks today. The forecasters were right – it all happened.

When I got up this morning I glanced out the bathroom window and what did I see?

One Red Leaf!

“Could it be?” I thought? A harbinger of autumn?

The day wore on, the temperature rose and the humidity sucked the very breath out of me. But still…

It was there, dripping from the rain, but still there.

It tried to hide, but it failed. Still the haunting reminder that, despite the temperature today, summer is fleeting.

The bushes are laden with ripening berries and birds are eating their fill in preparation, no doubt, for their impending migration to warmer climes. Small flocks of geese have returned from further north, bringing this year’s young ones back with them to feast on recently cut hay fields before heading south.

Enjoy the season while it lasts. Lift your face to the sun. Let the gentle summer rain fall on your skin. Revel in the warmth because summer truly is fleeting.

2 thoughts on “Summer is fleeting

  1. Hey, thanks. Signed up to read your blog. Nice job. Autumn is on the horizon for sure. Enjoy!


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