It’s the bees knees

Just before Hurricane Dorian descended on the Maritimes wreaking havoc on people’s lives, demolishing property and destroying long-planned events, Mother Nature was a busy lady.

I wandered out into our garden intending to capture a few shots of our black-eyed susans, those cheery little harbingers of autumn, before the hurricane could destroy them. I discovered an entire ‘herd’ of bees busily stocking up on pollen prior to the arrival of the storm. There were probably 50-75 of them happily doing their bee thing!

While we were stashing deck furniture in the shed and making sure there was nothing lying around the property that could take flight and cause damage, these little guys were going about their bee business with great efficiency.

The storm came and, luckily for us, there was minimal inconvenience. Others suffered far worse fates, extended power outages and significant property damage thanks to the wretched storm.

But the black-eyed susans survived to enjoy the post-storm sunshine. The week-end past was the annual #AtlantInternationalBalloonFiesta here in Sussex, NB. There were flights prior to the scheduled event and on the Friday. But with a hurricane arriving on Saturday, flights had to be cancelled. Many were quite disappointed, especially as the wind continued through Sunday as the storm blew through NS, PEI and on to Newfoundland, leaving destruction in its wake.

But today, the air was still and the sun shining early in the morning as a small cadre of balloonists took to the skies. It was a joy to watch and photograph from my deck – a lovely way to start the day!

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